Pitchaikkaran (2016) Movie Details

Vijay Antony
2 hr 10 mins

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Country Release Date
India 04-03-2016

Pitchaikkaran Film Songs

Singers: Supriya Joshi
Lyricist: Vijay Antony
Duration: 4:16 Minutes
Duration: 4:09 Minutes
Duration: 4:13 Minutes
Singers: Vijay Antony
Duration: 2:44 Minutes
Singers: Yasin , Vijay Antony
Duration: 3:31 Minutes
Singers: Ananthu , Vijay Antony
Duration: 1:12 Minutes
Duration: 3:39 Minutes

Pitchaikkaran Movie Box Office Collection

Opening Day collection ₹ 1.41 Cr
Opening Weekend Collection ₹ 4.21 Cr
Opening week collection ₹ 8.65 Cr
Overall Domestic Collection ₹ 21.14 Cr
Overall Overseas Collection N/A
Pitchaikkaran Life Time Total Box Office Collection ₹ 21.14 Cr

Pitchaikkaran Movie Critic Reviews

Perfect Story Plot

3.2 / 5
Pichaikkaran is a story of a rich man who will be forced to become a beggar due to some circumstances. The role of the rich man is played by Vijay Antony. Satna Titus played the female lead role in this action thriller movie. Apart from the lead roles, the movie has John Kennedy and Bagavathi Perumal in supportive roles. What made the rich man leave his pleasures and start begging and how did the heroine and all the other characters have entered his life and how did they affect the heros life is ...
Published by Others on: 04-03-2016. Originally published here

Pitchaikkaran Review From Critics

3.5 / 5
Pichaikkaran the most anticipated film of the tamil film industry now officially out in theaters The movie having Viay Anthony in lead role earlier who did wonderful films in tamil and telugu film industries as well. The film Pichaikkaran released earlier today, and impressed everyone who saw the first release show of the movie. The movie has really great and impressive story and the movie holded decent performance by lead stars. The movie has decent screenplay and neat cinematography.The makers ...
Published by Others on: 04-03-2016. Originally published here

Emotional Entertainer Pitchaikkaran

3.0 / 5
Certain films will catch your attention instantly with the title itself. Undoubtedly Pichaikkaran comes under that category. Would anyone keep such an inauspicious word as a title for a film in an industry considered to be highly superficial in everything.Arul (Vijay Antony) is the only scion of a multi-millionaire mill owner family in Coimbatore. He comes back to hometown to take over the administration of the family business from his widowed mother. Hells break lose as his mother falls down in ...
Published by India Glitz on: 04-03-2016. Originally published here

Audience Live Reviews For Pitchaikkaran

3.5 / 5
#Pichaikkaran - Decent drama with diff plot of rich man turning beggar, executed with commercial touch works in parts. Okayish (5.5/10) #Pichaikkaran - Vijay Antony as usual plays his role with restraint shines in action also this time! New find Satna Titus emotes well too. #Pichaikkaran - Director Sasis screenplay not engaging enough but dialogues sharp at places. Vijay Antonys music big plus 4 the film #picchaikaaran interval - commercial , but the movie is as noble as director sasis heart.Wil ...
Published by Others on: 04-03-2016. Originally published here

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Pitchaikkaran is a 2016 Tamil Film stars Vijay Antony , Sasi , Vijay Antony , Satna Titus , Bagavathi Perumal , Dheepa Ramanujam , Pichaikaran Moorthy , directed by Sasi & music by Vijay Antony. Pitchaikkaran Release Date is 04-03-2016 and Pitchaikkaran running time is 130 Min