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Palakkattu Madhavan
Ajmal Ajeesh

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Singers: Gangai Amaran
Duration: 4:08 Minutes
Singers: Sormukhi
Duration: 3:44 Minutes
Duration: 4:01 Minutes
Singers: Anirudh
Duration: 4:19 Minutes

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Palakkattu Madhavan Music and Cinematography


Palakkattu Madhavan music is composed by Srikanth Deva who also composed the Background score. The music has played a major part in the success of this movie. It has played a role as a attention seeker for the movie. While the Cinematography of this movie is being handled by K.S.Selvaraj and coming to the Editing it has K.Rajagopal in that department.

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Comedy Movie with Dramatical Touch


A lazy irresponsible man who quits his job because his wife earns more than him decides to adopt an old woman as his mother because she offers to pay cash for it .here we have Vivekh in a film that is titled after the popular character played by Bhagyaraj but plays out like something that could have been written by Visu with R Pandiarajan in the lead. If the husband who is irresponsible and jobless reminds you of Kudumbam Oru Kadhambam an elderly mother abandoned by her children feels straigh ...

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Palakkattu Madhavan Movie Stars Performance


Vivekh proves that he is not just a comedy actor by emoting well in sentiment scenes. He also looks very smart in a dream song where he is made to wear blazers.

Sheela who has made a comeback in Tamil films pleases us with the performance as a caring grandma we would come across in every family. Sonia Aggarwal uses the scope offered by her role to perform. But the larger intention of casting this talented actress seems to be to add up the glamour quotient in the film.

M ...

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Palakkattu Madhavan Movie Technicalities


Direction and screenplay by M Chandramohan is not out of the ordinary but manages to keep you hooked for most part of the film, especially in the second half. Directors efforts to pass on a social message through his movie is praiseworthy but it also appears clich ...

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Palakkattu Madhavan

Palakkattu Madhavan is a 2015 Tamil Film stars Ajmal Ajeesh , Chandramohan , Sonia Agarwal , Bhagyaraj , Vivek , directed by Chandramohan & music by Ajmal Ajeesh. Palakkattu Madhavan Release Date is 03-07-2015