Oh Manapenne (2021) Movie Details

Oh Manapenne
Kaarthikk Sundar
Vishal Chandrashekhar
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Oh Manapenne Crew List

Lyricist : Vivek
Singer : Vishal Chandrashekhar , Anirudh Ravichander , Shashaa Tirupati , Sinduri
Lyricist : Vishal Chandrashekhar , Mohan Rajan
Director :
Singer : Gana Bala
Original Music Composer :
Singer : Yazin Nizar , Shashaa Tirupati
Lyricist : Vivek

Oh Manapenne International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 22-10-2021

Oh Manapenne Film Songs

Duration: 04:31 Minutes
Duration: 03:21 Minutes
Singers: Gana Bala
Lyricist: Mohan Rajan
Duration: 03:12 Minutes
Singers: Yazin Nizar
Lyricist: Mohan Rajan
Duration: 03:36 Minutes

Oh Manapenne Movie Critic Reviews

ஓ மணப்பெண்ணே விமர்சனம்

1.5 / 5
விஜய் தேவரகொண்டா, ரித்து வர்மா நடித்த பெல்லி சூப்புலு படத்தை அழகாக ரீமேக் செய்திருக்கிறார் கார்த்திக் சுந்தர். ஹரிஷ் கல்யாண், ப்ரியா பவானிசங்கர் இடையேயான கெமிஸ்ட்ரி படத்திற்கு பெரிய பலம். வாழ்க்கையை ஜாலியாக வாழும் கார்த்திக்(ஹரிஷ் கல்யாண்) தன் குடும்பத்தா ...
Published by Others on: 22-10-2021. Originally published here

Fall In Love Forms The Crux Of The Story

3.0 / 5
Tharun Bhasckers Pellichoopulu, which released in 2016, heralded the beginning of a new wave in Telugu cinema. The success of Pellichoopulu paved the way for many young Telugu filmmakers to go against the tide to tell stories and still be accepted and celebrated. Pellichoopulu was lauded for its fresh take on the concept of arranged marriage from an Indian middle-class perspective, and its Tamil remake, Oh Manapenne, pretty much follows in its footsteps and manages to get a lot of things right ...
Published by Others on: 22-10-2021. Originally published here

Oh Manapenne The Film Is Just Terrific

2.5 / 5
A film like Pelli Choopulu, its leads, the charismatic Vijay Deverakonda and the vivacious Ritu Varma brought in oodles of charm by just being themselves and their crackling chemistry only added to the enormous appeal of the film. Kaarthikk Sundar, the director of Oh Manapenne, seems to have realised the fact that his job would be half done if he had the right cast. He brings together Harish Kalyan and Priya Bhavanishankar, two young actors who radiate affability, surrounds them with a solid an ...
Published by Times of India on: 22-10-2021. Originally published here

Oh Manapenne

Oh Manapenne is a 2021 Tamil Film stars Harish Kalyan , Vivek , Vishal Chandrashekhar , Anirudh Ravichander , Shashaa Tirupati , Sinduri , Vishal Chandrashekhar , Mohan Rajan , Priya Bhavani Shankar , Kaarthikk Sundar , Gana Bala , Vishal Chandrashekhar , Yazin Nizar , Shashaa Tirupati , Vivek , Abdool Lee , K.S.G.Venkatesh , Anbu Thasan , Abishek Kumar , Janaki Jayaraman , Porkodi , Samyuktha Viola Viswanathan , directed by Kaarthikk Sundar & music by Vishal Chandrashekhar. Oh Manapenne Release Date is 22-10-2021