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Kanchana 2
2 hr 48 mins
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Kanchana 2 Movie Cast

Raghava Lawrence
as Raghava/Motta Shiva
Taapsee Pannu
as Nandhini
Nithya Menon
as Ganga
as Arnold
as Mayil
as Marudhu
as Dr. Prasad

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Kanchana 2 Film Songs

Singers: Master Sriram Roshan
Lyricist: Vivega
Duration: 3:34 Minutes
Singers: Sooraj Santhosh , Chitra
Lyricist: Vivega
Duration: 3:54 Minutes
Singers: Haricharan
Lyricist: Vivega
Duration: 3:56 Minutes
Singers: Jagadeesh
Lyricist: Logan
Duration: 4:15 Minutes
Singers: Shakthi Sree Gopalan
Lyricist: Seshasai Gopi
Duration: 4:38 Minutes

Kanchana 2 Movie Critic Reviews

Kanchana 2 is a Comedy Spirit

The 2 hour 43 minutes Kanchana 2 is no different from his earlier horror comedies, with almost same supporting cast of Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Sriman and others. The formula is the same- mix crass comedy with lots of horror, dead person's spirit getting into hero/heroine body, slapstick humour, glamour, melodrama, ladies sentiments, fight scenes and ultimately the good ghost triumphing over the bad ghost! Add five songs, haunted house, scream and wailing sounds it works . Vaada Veera from Leon ...
Published by Sify on: 18-04-2015. Originally published here

Super Thiriller Movie...

Lawrence Raghavendra acting super.comedy and thiriller sema super... ...
Published by Anand Lakshmanan on: 18-04-2015. Originally published here

Comedy and Entertainment Guaranteed.

Horror Comedy is not a new genre by any means - Chandramukhi being one among the first Tamil horror comedy flicks that went on to make it big. But one should say it was Lawrence who took the genre to a league of its own and it is currently the most sought after genres of K-Town; thanks to Muni and Kanchana 1. Because only after Kanchana, people started adoring films of such kind and we have seen the industry welcoming more such films. Spooks, thrills and entertainment are rest assured along wi ...
Published by Behindwoods on: 17-04-2015. Originally published here

காஞ்சனா 2 தமிழ் விமர்சனம்

லாரன்ஸ் தன்னுடைய முந்தைய இரண்டு படங்களைப்போலவே இந்த படத்தையும் அதிபயங்கரமாக, ரொம்பவும் திரில்லராக எடுத்திருக்கிறார். படத்தில் எந்தளவுக்கு திரில்லர் இருக்கிறதோ அதே அளவுக்கு நகைச்சுவையையும் வைத்து ருசிக்க வைத்திருக்கிறார். எல்லா பாகத்தில் இருப்பதுபோல் ...

Published by Others on: 17-04-2015. Originally published here

Kanchana 2 Comedy BlockBuster

Raghava Lawrence works as a camera man in a TV channel with an interesting bunch of colleagues played by Taapsee, Mayilsamy, Manobala and 'Jangiri' Madhumitha. As they go about their business, one day they are forced to enter a haunted house(unintentionally) as a part of their work schedule and return after witnessing a horror unfold in front of their eyes. Needless to say, after a few days they discover that both Raghava Lawrence and Taapsee are possessed by different spirits seeking vengea ...
Published by Others on: 17-04-2015. Originally published here

Kanchana 2 Remarkable versatility.

1st half done. #SURESHOT is the word. Horror-Comedy blend is working big time. Decent VFX work too. pre-Interval segment mirattal.1st half done. #SURESHOT is the word. Horror-Comedy blend is working big time. Decent VFX work too. pre-Interval segment mirattal .The 1st summer BB is ready. All center audiences gonna lap this big time. Horror-comedy charm. #Lawrence stands tall as a performer putting on so many makeovers and difficult costumes. Remarkable versatility. ...
Published by Others on: 17-04-2015. Originally published here

Kanchana 2 Gives you goosebumps

This summer family entertainer sure has a handful to write home about. 'Kanchana 2' scores high on a number of aspects and here are a few: Perfect concoction of comedy and horror, the film almost leaves you breathless between hair rising scary shots and rib tickling funny humour For those of you who were sceptical how Tapsee would suit the role of a typically south Indian ghost, it is time to take back your words - she is a bomb! Songs flow along with the movie; there is no deterrent at all. An ...
Published by India Glitz on: 17-04-2015. Originally published here

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Kanchana 2

Kanchana 2 is a 2015 Tamil Film stars Thaman , Lawrence Raghavendra , Raghava Lawrence , Taapsee Pannu , Kovai Sarala , Nithya Menon , Devadarshini , Manobala , Mayilsamy , Jayaprakash , Suhasini Maniratnam , Sriman , Jangiri Madhumitha , Chaams , directed by Lawrence Raghavendra & music by Thaman. Kanchana 2 Release Date is 17-04-2015 and Kanchana 2 running time is 168 Min