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Meen Kuzhambum Man Paanaiyum
D. Imman
2 hr 16 mins

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Duration: 4:06 Minutes
Duration: 4:08 Minutes
Duration: 4:07 Minutes
Singers: D. Imman
Duration: 2:05 Minutes
Duration: 4:20 Minutes

Meen Kuzhambum Man Paanaiyum Movie Critic Reviews

Good Story But Poor Execution

when the father-son relationship starts to sour, Kamal Haasan enters the scene as a swami and the roles are reversed. How they understand each other forms the rest of the story. The movie has not received favourable reviews. Although the story appears to be good on paper, poor execution has played the spoilsport.

Published by Others on: 14-11-2016. Originally published here

Positive Point For The Movie


The characters in the movie has been portrayed as Prabhu has portrayed the role of Annamalai, Kalidas Jayaram has done the role of Karthik, Ashna Zaveri as Pavithra, Pooja Kumar as Mala, Urvashi, Santhana Bharathi, M. S. Bhaskar and the special element in the movie is that Karthik Krishamurthy is having a guest appearance with Kamal Haasan. So this might be a major positive point for the movie. While the soundtracks and songs in the movie has been done by a very known and impressive composer ...

Published by Others on: 14-11-2016. Originally published here

தமிழ் விமர்சனம்


படத்திற்கு பெரிய பலம் பிரபு. முதற்பாதியில் மகன் மீது வைத்துள்ள பாசம், பொறுப்பானவராகவும் நடித்திருக்கிறார். பிற்பாதியில் இளைஞன் எண்ணத்துடன் எனர்ஜியாக நடித்திருக்கிறார். இவருடைய இளமையான நடிப்பு மிகவும் ரசிக்க வைத்திருக்கிறது.முதற்பாதியில் காளிதாசின் நடி ...

Published by Others on: 14-11-2016. Originally published here

Taste Buds Of An Average Food Lover


The opening scene establishing Annamalais (Prabhu) Malaysia-based restaurant, and the scenes that follow promise a fun-filled entertainer. Annamalai asking his customers to patiently wait for the fish curry, a signature dish of the hotel, in a polite way, justifies his character of a grounded person who came all the way from Karaikudi to Malaysia. His only treasure in life, son Karthik (Kalidas), is a happy-go-lucky college student in his late teens

Published by Times of India on: 14-11-2016. Originally published here

Decent Entertainer


Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum is a story about the relationship between a father and his son. What are the differences that arise between them? How do they solve those? Do they overcome these to understand each other is what forms the rest of the story?

The screenplay is dispersed with a few comic moments that work in patches. With a crux that revolves around father son relationship we are exposed to the regular dosage of the sentimental flow. The songs hinder the pace of the movie es ...

Published by Behindwoods on: 12-11-2016. Originally published here

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Meen Kuzhambum Man Paanaiyum

Meen Kuzhambum Man Paanaiyum is a 2016 Tamil Film stars D. Imman , Amudeshwar , Prabhu Ganesan , Ashna Zaveri , Kalidas Jayaram , Pooja Kumar , M. S. Bhaskar , Urvashi , directed by Amudeshwar & music by D. Imman. Meen Kuzhambum Man Paanaiyum Release Date is 11-11-2016 and Meen Kuzhambum Man Paanaiyum running time is 136 Min