Masala Padam
மசாலா படம்
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Rating: 7.4/10 from 110 users

Screenplay,Writer,Director,Producer : Laxman Kumar
Producer : Vijayaraghavendra
Original Music Composer : Karthik Acharya

Masala Padam Film Songs

Singers: Benny Dayal
Duration: 4:58 Minutes
Singers: Hariharan
Duration: 5:00 Minutes
Singers: BizMac
Duration: 2:32 Minutes
Singers: Karthik Achary
Duration: 4:31 Minutes
Singers: Naresh Iyer
Duration: 3:24 Minutes

Masala Padam Movie Box Office Collection

Opening Day collection ₹ 62.00 Lac
Opening Weekend Collection ₹ 1.90 Cr
Opening week collection ₹ 3.31 Cr
Overall Domestic Collection ₹ 3.31 Cr
Overall Overseas Collection N/A
Masala Padam Life Time Total Box Office Collection ₹ 3.31 Cr

Masala Padam Movie Critic Reviews

Good Comedy Entertainment - The Hindu

Instead, we get a takedown of critics, those annoying creatures who are everywhere right here, writing this review, but also on the web, where they swarm like bees, waiting to sting new releases. And slowly, the semblance of a plot takes shape. The stung producer of a commercial film named Sooravali (redefines the term marana mokkai, screams a review on Facebook) challenges some of these critics to make a movie a commercially viable movie that will satisfy all audiences, and not just the TamBrahm mama who keeps chanting the names of Kim Ki-duk and Majid Majidi.

Published by The Hindu on: 10-10-2015. Originally published here

Audience Live Reviews

#MasalaPadam: part of the film targets all the meme makers/online trollers.
Masala padam: Catharsis theory is the theme! You see what you want to. You see yourself in the movie.
Masala Padam: Yet another movie with Ajith, Vijay reference.
Adv placement/Brand promotion in this movie - Aachi masala.
Bobby Simhas face chubbier than any kids face Ive seen.
#MasalaPadam starts off with the history of cinema, average song but nice cartoons and visuals
#MasalaPadam @igtamil all about critics and mudhalvan like challenge from producers to the movie critics! Goooood one
#MasalaPadam @igtamil wondering how to write review for this movie, different attempt no doubt targeting the online reviewers! @actorshiva
#MasalaPadam @igtamil all about critics and mudhalvan like challenge from producers to the movie critics! Goooood one
#masalapadam like seeing myself in the intro... About the first hand critics, YouTube likes, reviews and its impact on first day screening.

Published by Others on: 10-10-2015. Originally published here

- Behindwoods


The second half mostly revolves around the lead heroine Lakshmi Devy, who gets in touch with three different personalities Bobby Simha, Shiva and Gaurav. While one handles comedy, the other two take care of romance and action.Masala Padam also has a positive side. It shows the harsh reality on how the film industry works today and what people actually expect from a film. It is nice to see that there is some effort that has gone behind the product which, however gets lost in due course.Masala Padam aspires to break all the clichs of film making but eventually ends up being one.

Published by Behindwoods on: 10-10-2015. Originally published here

Interesting Masala Movie - Rediff

The movie opens with a hardcore film blogger sitting in a theatre amongst screaming fans, wondering what the fuss is all about.After a lot of research, the bloggers come to the conclusion that for a film to work, it must contain the four basic elements -- action, comedy, romance and sentiment. The film may have an interesting concept, but does not make a very convincing tale.The bloggers give up too easily, and film ends on a biased note. The producer claims to cater to the unfulfilled dreams of the common man that he transfers to the invincible hero on screen, who is able achieve everything he desires in life.

Published by Rediff on: 10-10-2015. Originally published here

மசாலா படம் தமிழ் விமர்சனம்

இன்றைய காலக்கட்டத்தில் ஒரு படத்தை சமூக வலைத்தளங்களில் எந்தளவுக்கு தரக்குறைவாக விமர்சனம் செய்கிறார்கள் என்பதை இந்த படத்தில் அப்பட்டமாக தோலுரித்து காட்டியிருக்கிறார் இயக்குனர் லட்சுமண் குமார். அதேநேரத்தில், விமர்சனம் செய்யும் அவர்களுக்கு ஒரு படத்தை எடுப்பது எவ்வளவு பெரிய சிரமம் என்பதையும் அறிவுறுத்தும்விதமாக அழகாக பதிவு செய்திருக்கிறார். இந்த படம் இன்றைய காலகட்டத்திற்கு கச்சிதமாக பொருந்தும்படி எடுத்திருப்பது இயக்குனரின் சிறப்பு. இயக்குனரே இப்படத்திற்கு ஒளிப்பதிவும் செய்திருக்கிறார். இவருடைய இயக்கம் மாதிரியே ஒளிப்பதிவும் அழகாக அமைந்திருக்கிறது. கார்த்திக் ஆச்சார்யா இசையில் பாடல்கள் ஓகே ரகம்தான். பின்னணி இசை பரவாயில்லை.

Published by Others on: 10-10-2015. Originally published here

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Masala Padam

Masala Padam is an Indian Tamil film directed, filmed and co-produced by cinematographer Laxman Kumar along with Vijayaraghavendra. The film stars Shiva, Bobby Simha and Gaurav alongside Lakshmi Devy, who besides playing the female lead, had also written the films screenplay.The soundtrack and background score were composed by newcomer Karthik Acharya, while editing was handled by Richard Kevin. Masala Padam Release Date is 09-10-2015