Magalir Mattum Tamil Movie

Magalir Mattum
மகளிர் மட்டும்
Jyothika , Saranya & more
2 hr 20 mins
Rating: 4.4/10 from 51 users

Magalir Mattum Movie Reviews

The Great Indian Housewives

Feminist, filmi and feel-good, thats Magalir Mattum. The film never shies away from wearing its feminist credentials and repeatedly points out how women and their dreams get trapped in the maayajaala jail called marriage. We first see this spelt out in the form of a housewifes rant in Prabhas doc....

Not Without Flaws But A Film Made With A Lot of He

Jyothika is working on a documentary on the great Indian housewives. Its through her eyes, we see different women and the spotlight also falls on the lives of Urvashis friends. Jyothika believes a change needs to be brought about in the lives of Saranya and Bhanupriya. The four of them embark on ....

Go Watch This Jyothika Starrer and Take Your Mom A

With the kind of projects she is picking up, Jyothikas second innings is honestly more exciting than her first. As a matter of fact, Subbu and Ranis character could have easily been the later years of Vasanthi Tamilselvan (Jos character from 36 Vayathinile). In Magalir Mattum, she is on the other....

Worth Watching for Saranya, Banupriya and Urvashi

On the downside the film gives the false impression of taking up the cause of the neglected woman, but does not go the distance content wise. There are forced lines mouthed by Jyothika about the neglected women, which are of the been- there- seen- them -all -before variety. The directors idea of ....

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Singers: Gold Devaraj
Lyricist: Dr.Uma Devi
Duration: 3:50 Minutes

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Magalir Mattum

Maaglir Mattum is a drama film directed by Bramma G, starring Jyothika Sadanah act in the lead role... Magalir Mattum Release Date is 15-09-2017