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Kabali (U)
2 hr 32 mins
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New dimension of Rajinikanth

Santhosh Narayanans score is a major plus to the film with the songs not being an unwanted protraction. Maya Nadhi is melodious and brings out a matured affection. Veera Thurandhara and Neruppu Da up the mutineering mood as montages. Muralis camera captures the Superstar in his stylish best and M....

Gangster Kabali

The meat of Kabali is a gangster story that attempts to tease out some history about Malaysian Tamils. The suits Kabali wears aren not just a fashion statement. The coat, the tie they are symbols of a rung of capitalism people like Kabali werent allowed to set foot on. But as with Ranjit....

தமிழ் விமர்சனம்

இயக்குனர் பா.ரஞ்சித், ரஜினிக்கு ஏற்ற கதையை உருவாக்கி, அதை தனது பாணியில் உருவாக்கியிருக்கிறார். படத்திற்கு மிக....

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Lyricist: Vivek
Duration: 4:03 Minutes
Lyricist: Dr.Uma Devi
Duration: 4:36 Minutes
Lyricist: Dr.Uma Devi
Duration: 3:18 Minutes
Singers: Pradeep Kumar
Lyricist: Kabilan
Duration: 4:53 Minutes
Lyricist: Arun Raja Kamaraj
Duration: 3:39 Minutes
Lyricist: Pa.Ranjith
Duration: 5:00 Minutes

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Starring Superstar Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Sai Dhaniskaa, Ryithvika, John Vijay, Kalaiarasan, etc., Kabali is a story of an ageing Don, set against the backdrop of Malaysian Mafia and gangsters. Rajinikanth as Kabali returns to the world, after a 25 year imprisonment. While taking on his enemies and their gangs, he has a personal mission to accomplish that of finding his wife, Radhika Apte as Kumudhavalli, suspected to be dead, after a gang war, 25 years ago. That was when Kabali got arrested by the Malay police and while Kabali must trace his wife/'s whereabouts and eventually find her, he is also left with the task of eliminating the evil-gangs that operate in Malaysia. Whether or not Kabali gets to accomplish both his missions is narrated with a lot of violent action sequences.

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Kabali is a Tamil gangster film written and directed by Pa. Ranjith, Starring Rajinikanth in the lead role with Winston Chao, Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Dinesh Ravi, Kalaiyarasan, and John Vijay. Music by Santhosh Narayanan and Produced by Kalaipuli S Dhanu Kabali Release Date is 22-07-2016