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Karthik Subbaraj
Santhosh Narayanan
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Duration: 3:08 Minutes
Duration: 2:53 Minutes
Singers: Arun Raja
Duration: 4:00 Minutes
Duration: 1:41 Minutes
Duration: 3:33 Minutes
Singers: Anthony Daasan , Rita
Duration: 3:38 Minutes
Duration: 2:38 Minutes
Singers: Anthony Daasan
Duration: 3:34 Minutes
Singers: Instrumental
Duration: 2:24 Minutes

Jigarthanda Movie Critic Reviews

Loved by Both Mass and Class Audience

Subbaraj thinks exclusively in terms of twists and he shortchanges us when it comes to the emotional graphs of the characters I wished Kayal had been given more to do the part comes off as underwritten and I was never convinced that Karthik who s shown to be such a scaredy cat at first could pull all this off befriending gangsters without breaking a sweat and eavesdropping on others It s a good thing Santhosh
Published by The Hindu on: 04-08-2014. Originally published here

Story of a conman

Jigarthanda is completely subversive in nature and It s biographical too probably in taking us the through the journey of a filmmaker who has successfully found a way to make his films against the system without being penalized for it You d be a fool if you didn t realize Subbaraj s gangster Sethu in the film is actually the system he s locked horns with Sethu and the system are ruthless unforgiving and hard to please
Published by Hindustan Times on: 03-08-2014. Originally published here

Jigarthanda is a fun ride

Karthik proved right in his first film that he is a master of thinking out of the box and he does it here again Jigarthanda is a totally unpredictable film There is reality mixed in with creativity terror with undercurrents of humour sentiments fleeting romance and loads of fun
Published by Rediff on: 03-08-2014. Originally published here

A Film Not to be Missed

The intriguing first half moves at jet speed with interesting elements jam packed in it Post interval the subplots open one after another rather slowly and drag a bit at times The spoilsport is its length with the film ending couple of minutes left for the 3rd hour
Published by Deccan Chronicle on: 03-08-2014. Originally published here

Jigarthanda Nothing Compromised

Given that Jigarthanda was the first script that Karthik Subbaraj had written before he compromised and made Pizza the applause that his name generates during the title credits show how influential this young director has become he should know how a good filmmaker can exploit a compromise And that is essentially what the film is all about a filmmaker forced to make the worst possible compromise turning it into the best possible chance
Published by Times of India on: 03-08-2014. Originally published here

Jigarthanda Right proportion

it is Karthik Subburaj s screenplay and direction which keeps this Jigarthanda taste good till the end You are belted with a thrills comedy drama and twists in what just might be the right proportions Jigarthanda is one of those films made with a divergent notion It is a story of passion and grit coupled with betrayal and relationships After long a movie about making a movie will become a hit movie
Published by Cinema Lead on: 01-08-2014. Originally published here

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National Film Awards (India)
Best Editing
Award : National Film Awards (India) in 2014
Movie : Jigarthanda
Year : 2014


Jigarthanda is a 2014 Tamil Film stars Santhosh Narayanan , Karthik Subbaraj , Siddharth Narayan , Lakshmi Menon , Bobby Simha , Karuna Karan , Prathap K Pothan , Bagavathi Perumal , Guru Somasundaram , Aadukalam Murugadoss , directed by Karthik Subbaraj & music by Santhosh Narayanan. Jigarthanda Release Date is 01-08-2014