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Jackson Durai
Sathyaraj , Sibiraj & more
Siddharth Vipin
2 hr 14 mins

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Peculiar StoryLine


Jackson Durai is a story about two youngsters and their Challenging days on a Ghost place. The lead actor Sibiraj looks good both in personality and acting skill. Meanwhile his father Sathyaraj is seen in a different getup and rocked as usual. Karunakaran Fear is laugh riot in the film and he impresses us big time. Nothing much from Bindhu madhavi can be expected in the film. nA applause to director for this very different Story line must be given. There is Too contrast from usual Ghost movies setup when we compare the current film. Good efforts were noted in the film but at the same time this film makers comes us to make a different approach. Also they try in some times to Confuse the general audience and it happens mostly in the 2 nd half of the film while the Flashback portion was well picturized, there are ups and downs in the plot. The risk taking factor by Sibiraj for Sathyaraj and Co was not believable but story demanding that for a feel good finish. Especially the Motor bike song is Refreshing. The graphics and VFX work was impressive in the film. Jackson Durai to be more precise,e xcept for a few laughs in First half there is nothing else in the film.

Published by Others on: 01-07-2016. Originally published here

Blasting Comedy Horror Combo


As said earlier Jackson Durai has failed to live up to the expectations on horror as well as humor parts. Most of the horror scenes follow the oft repeated ideas and patterns and there is hardly any scene that really scares the audience who are very much used to these kind of horror scenes.In the initial scenes make us expect a thriller as heroine raises suspicion about the actual existence of ghost. If this mystery is extended for a larger part, the film would have been really interesting but that expectation falls short very soon as the real existence of ghosts is established in the pre-interval sequence.The humor part can not be called a complete let down as a few situations and dialogues here and there and the proceedings of the last half an hour manage to raise a few guffaws.Even the short flash back portions dealing with the rebellion against the British rule fails to create the intended impact. A section of audience may find the later portions with scenes involving these characters as ghosts as entertaining.

Published by India Glitz on: 01-07-2016. Originally published here

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#JacksonDurai stands different from the lot of horror films that have released in recent years in Tamil.
The idea of pre independence freedom fighting angle is note worthy. #JacksonDurai
Comedy backed with a good story and horror elements make it a good watch
#JacksonDurai 1st half - Good response already. With #SathyaRaj, Rajendran and co. coming in the 2nd half, this is a prospective hit hor-com
#JacksonDurai 1st half - Rollicking fun. Works well with @Sibi_Sathyaraj, @actorkaruna, Yogi Babu. More from the haunted bungalow coming up
#JacksonDurai 2nd half -not as fun as the 1st. The idea to have a pre independence angle freedom struggle is interesting but doesnt click
#Jackson Durai - Sibi Yogi Babu, Sibi Karuna combo makes us laugh in the 1st half. Sathyaraj rocks in the 2nd half.
#JacksonDurai is a Patriotic Period Fantasy Horror Comedy Movie, which is completely different from usual horror movies
#JacksonDurai: Hve engaging first half which has few scary moments and more comic parts. @actorkaruna combo is going better @Sibi_Sathyaraj

Published by Others on: 01-07-2016. Originally published here

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Jackson Durai

Jackson Durai is a 2016 Tamil Film stars Siddharth Vipin , Dharanidharan , Sathyaraj , Sibiraj , Karuna Karan , Yogi Babu , directed by Dharanidharan & music by Siddharth Vipin. Jackson Durai Release Date is 01-07-2016 and Jackson Durai running time is 134 Min