J Baby (2024) Movie Details

J Baby
Suresh Mari
Tony Britto
2 hr 30 mins
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J Baby Crew List

Original Music Composer :
Director :
Singer : Pradeep Kumar
Lyricist : Tony Britto
Singer : Annie J. Howell , Shweta Mohan
Lyricist : Vivek
Singer : Roshan Jamrock
Lyricist : Roshan Jamrock

J Baby International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 08-03-2024

J Baby Film Songs

Duration: 04:15 Minutes
Singers: Shweta Mohan
Lyricist: Vivek
Duration: 03:52 Minutes
Singers: Roshan Jamrock
Lyricist: Roshan Jamrock
Duration: 03:04 Minutes

J Baby Movie Critic Reviews

j பேபி விமர்சனம்

2.0 / 5
பேபியாக வரும் ஊர்வசிக்கு லொள்ளு சபா மாறன், அட்டக்கத்தி தினேஷ் உட்பட ஐந்து பிள்ளைகள் இருக்கின்றனர். அனைவருக்கும் திருமணம் செய்து வைத்துவிட்டு ஒவ்வொருவர் வீட்டிலும் தன் வாழ்க்கையை ஓட்டிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறார் ஊர்வசி. ஆனால் வயதான காரணத்தினால் மறதி ஏற்படுவது, சி ...
Published by Others on: 08-03-2024. Originally published here

A Highly Engaging Drama Film

2.0 / 5
The story begins with two brothers being summoned to a police station one morning. The elder brother called Senthil (Maran) is a painter by profession, while the younger brother Shankar(Attakathi Dinesh) is a share auto driver. Both brothers, who are not on talking terms with one another, arrive at the police station wondering why they have been summoned there. The inspector asks them where their mother J Baby is. Both brothers have no clue and suggest places they think their mother could be. ...
Published by Others on: 08-03-2024. Originally published here

Good Amma Acting Performances Story

2.0 / 5
J Baby’s title might mislead the audience into believing that this Suresh Mari directorial is a jovial and lighthearted film. Contrary to that, J Baby falls more into the drama category, even though it has its fair share of laugh-out-loud moments. Similar to The Great Indian Kitchen, the deceptive title might give off the vibe that it’s a completely different film about a completely different issue. In the film, two brothers, Maaran and Dinesh, who once used to be very close, are no ...
Published by Times of India on: 08-03-2024. Originally published here

J Baby

J Baby is a 2024 Tamil Film stars Urvashi , Tony Britto , Suresh Mari , Kavitha Bharathi , Pradeep Kumar , Tony Britto , Annie J. Howell , Lollu Sabha Maaran , Attakathi Dinesh , Shweta Mohan , Vivek , Roshan Jamrock , Roshan Jamrock , directed by Suresh Mari & music by Tony Britto. J Baby Release Date is 08-03-2024 and J Baby running time is 150 Min