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Idhu Enna Maayam
A. L. Vijay
G. V. Prakash Kumar
2 hr 20 mins

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Singers: M.C.Vicky
Duration: 2:07 Minutes
Singers: Saindhavi , G.V.Prakash
Duration: 4:56 Minutes
Singers: Harini
Duration: 4:13 Minutes
Duration: 3:19 Minutes
Singers: Shireen Shahana
Duration: 4:40 Minutes
Singers: G.V.Prakash
Duration: 1:27 Minutes

Idhu Enna Maayam Movie Critic Reviews



The film has some promising technicians like, Nirav Shah handling its cinematography, Anthony at the editing table and GV Prakash taking care of the musical score. In fact, all of them have delivered the goods barring a couple of songs. But the real and surprising problem lies with the films writing and narration by its director AL Vijay. It can be safely said that Idhu Enna Maayam is AL Vijays weakest work so far in his career. Both first and second halves houses many clichd moments which tests your patience to the core. To make things worse, the screenplay gets ridiculously predictable toward the end which finishes with an inappropriate climax.

Published by Others on: 31-07-2015. Originally published here

Movie To Entertain


G.V.Prakashs background score is reminiscent of his older films and his songs unfortunately are not up to the high standards he has set before. Nirav Shah is responsible for providing uniformly clean images throughout the film. Editor Antony has done his best to make a wayward script make sense on the screen.

The end result of director A.L. Vijay s Idhu Enna Maayam is far from inspiring. When sitting through the film It is hard to believe that a seasoned writer-director is behind it and only in the few comedy scenes the A.L. Vijay touch is visible.

Published by India Glitz on: 31-07-2015. Originally published here

Predictable Storyline


Well, director AL Vijays Idhu Enna Maayam exactly followed the above said pattern and we couldnt see anything new with the treatment and the only solace is Nirav Shahs crystal clear cinematography which aesthetically captures the landscape of Kochi and also the cute, Keerthi Suresh who makes her Tamil debut with this film.

Arun (Vikram Prabhu) and Maya (Keerthy Suresh ) are lovers, they spilt away because the latter hides a secret from the former which leads to an embarrassing moment. Years later, Arun meets Maya but this time he is in a situation to make a plan to make sure that she falls for another guy called Santhosh (Navdeep). The climax tells us whether Arun and Maya reunite again or not!

Published by Others on: 31-07-2015. Originally published here

Well Executed Love Story


Idhu Enna Maayam follows the usual romedy film pattern. Boy meets a girl, they fall in love, then the unavoidable break up. Will they patch up in the end or not? Thats the grammar of any universal love story. When it comes to a love story, basically, it is all in the screenplay, how intriguing and fresh it is. This film is not completely fresh nor clichd either, it falls somewhere in the middle. The first half of the story goes fast while second half gets a little dragging towards the end.
On the whole Idhu Enna Maayam is a decent romantic comedy film which doesnt blow you off completely but it does make an impact majorly because of its technical brilliance

Published by Behindwoods on: 31-07-2015. Originally published here

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Idhu Enna Maayam

Idhu Enna Maayam is a 2015 Tamil Film stars G. V. Prakash Kumar , A. L. Vijay , Vikram Prabhu , Keerthi Suresh , Navdeep , Jeeva Ravi , directed by A. L. Vijay & music by G. V. Prakash Kumar. Idhu Enna Maayam Release Date is 31-07-2015 and Idhu Enna Maayam running time is 140 Min