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Vijay , Nayantara & more
2 hr 59 mins
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Bigil Movie Cast

as Rayappan, Michael , Bigil
as Angel Aasirvatham
as Kathir
Yogi Babu
as Donald
as Nessi
as Anand
Daniel Balaj
as Daniel
Jackie Shroff
as J. K. Sharma
Boxer Dheena
as Dheena
Amritha Aiyer
as Thendral
as Elizabeth
as Angel's professor
Reba Monica John
as Anitha
Varsha Bollamma
as Gayathri
as Aasirvatham
as Anitha's mother
George Maryan
as Church father

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Duration: 6:51 Minutes
Singers: Vijay
Duration: 4:12 Minutes
Duration: 4:26 Minutes
Duration: 4:21 Minutes

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பிகில் - விசில் போட வைக்கும்


விஜய், ராயப்பன் மற்றும் மைக்கேல் என இரு கதாபாத்திரங்களுக்கு ஏற்றாற்போல் உடல் மொழி, நடை என வித்தியாசம் காட்டி அசத்தியிருக்கிறார். ஆக்-ஷன் காட்சிகளில் மாஸ் காட்டியிருக்கும் விஜய், செண்டிமென்ட் காட்சிகளில் எதார்த்தமான நடிப்பை வெளிப்படுத்தி தடம் பதிக்கிறார் ...

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Bigil story & synopsis

Michael Rayappan is a don based in Chennai, who works for the welfare of people, including students. He has a romantic relationship with Angel Aasirvatham, a physiotherapist who comically refuses to marry any groom at the last minute due to their love. He has a running feud with a rival don Daniel. One night, Daniel attacks Michael and his close friend Kathir, who is the coach of the Tamil Nadu women's football team. Kathir suffers spinal injuries during the attack, due of which he is paralysed for a year.

To allow the women's football team to take part in the upcoming National Championship in Delhi, Kathir requests to the Tamil Nadu Football Federation to replace him with his former teammate named "Bigil", who is none other than Michael. The story then shifts to Michael's past as a football player. Seven years earlier, Michael was an aspiring footballer and contributed to victories for the Tamil Nadu football team along with Kathir.

His father was Rayappan, a don who had a feud with a rival don Alex, who was Daniel's father. Rayappan encouraged his son's passion for football, as he did not want him to end up as a criminal like him. When Michael was unable to make it to the Indian football team due to Rayappan's criminal record, Rayappan personally took up the matter with the All India Football Federation president J. K. Sharma and forcefully ensured Sharma to include Michael and Kathir in the Indian team probable list.

Sadly, Michael's football career was cut short as he witnessed his father being killed by Alex and Daniel, just when he was about to leave for Delhi to attend the selection trial for the Indian football team. Michael killed Alex in front of Daniel, taking revenge for Rayappan's death, and stayed back in Chennai to become the new leader of his father's gang. In the present day,

Michael accepts Kathir's request to coach the women's football team and leaves for Delhi with the team, with Angel also accompanying them as team physiotherapist. But due to his criminal background, the girls refuse to co-operate with him, even blaming him for the team's opening loss to Manipur in the National Championship and requesting the Federation to have him removed. Dejected, Michael gives his resignation to Sharma, but soon realises that Sharma is targeting him in revenge for the humiliation he faced at the hands of Rayappan to allow him into the Indian football team.

Sharma sends armed assailants to attack Michael, however Michael subdues the assailants and withdraws his resignation. He convinces the girls to support him and starts training them hard with the sole focus of winning the Championship. He even manages to bring back two former key players to boost the team's strength; Gayathri, a Brahmin girl who had to quit playing football after she was married to a conservative family; and Anitha, who went into depression and refused to leave her room after a man threw acid on her face as she spurned his advances.

Despite Sharma trying to rig the team's next match against Haryana so that they will be eliminated and sent home, they manage to beat Haryana and win all their remaining matches, eventually qualifying for the Final at Chennai, where they are to play Manipur again. On the eve of the Final, one of the team's players, Vembu, is kidnapped and forcefully injected with cocaine by Daniel, who is hired by Sharma in order to sabotage the team's chances of winning the Championship. Though she recovers, she is unable to play in the final as she would fail the dope test. The team's captain, Thendral, is also kidnapped by Daniel, who attempts to forcefully inject cocaine on her as well, however Michael manages to rescue her. Michael proceeds to kill Daniel once and for all, but when he sees Daniel's young son, he changes his mind and spares Daniel, as he does not want the young boy's future to end up like him by seeing his father die.

The next day, Tamil Nadu plays the Final against Manipur without Vembu. The match turns out to be a thriller with Tamil Nadu winning the Championship through a penalty shootout. Michael and the team dedicate their success to Kathir, who is watching the match from the dugout in a wheelchair. During the credits, it is shown that Michael frames Sharma for drug possession, leading to Sharma's arrest in Malaysia, where he is on a holiday. It is also shown that Michael, no longer a rowdy, takes up football coaching for children, with one of his wards being the son of Daniel, who has made peace with Michael.

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Bigil is a 2019 Tamil Film stars AR.Rahman , Atlee , Vijay , Nayantara , Kathir , Yogi Babu , Vivek , Anandaraj , Daniel Balaj , Indhuja Ravichandran , Jackie Shroff , Boxer Dheena , Amritha Aiyer , Devadarshini , Manobala , Reba Monica John , Varsha Bollamma , Gnanasambandan , Rohini , George Maryan , directed by Atlee & music by AR.Rahman. Bigil Release Date is 25-10-2019 and Bigil running time is 179 Min