Baahubali (2015) Movie Details

S.S. Rajamouli
2 hr 39 mins

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Baahubali International Release Dates

Country Release Date
India 10-07-2015

Baahubali Film Songs

Singers: Ramya Behara , Deepu
Duration: 5:26 Minutes
Singers: Deepika
Duration: 3:48 Minutes
Duration: 1:40 Minutes
Duration: 3:35 Minutes
Singers: Kailash Kher
Duration: 3:10 Minutes
Singers: Damini , karthik
Duration: 4:17 Minutes
Duration: 3:15 Minutes

Baahubali Movie Box Office Collection

Opening Day collection ₹ 3.72 Cr
Opening Weekend Collection ₹ 11.44 Cr
Opening week collection ₹ 22.50 Cr
Overall Domestic Collection ₹ 51.99 Cr
Overall Overseas Collection ₹ 11.49 Cr
Baahubali Life Time Total Box Office Collection ₹ 63.48 Cr

Baahubali Movie Critic Reviews

பாகுபலி - தமிழ் விமர்சனம்

ரசிகர்களால் கற்பனை செய்ய முடியாத நிறைய விஷயங்களை இந்த படத்தில் நம் கண்முன்னே கொண்டுவந்து நிறுத்திய இயக்குனர் ராஜமௌலிக்கு பாராட்டுக்கள். நாம், படத்தில் பிரம்மாண்டமாக நினைக்கும் ஒவ்வொன்றும் கிராபிக்ஸ் காட்சிகள்தான் என்றாலும், அது தெரியாத அளவுக்கு தத்ரூபம ...
Published by Others on: 11-07-2015. Originally published here

Stunning Baahubali

3.5 / 5
Story-wise, Baahubali could be called as an offshoot of Mahabharata which is about the fight for a kingdom among the members of a family. For a generation which has been subjected to contemporary and social premises, Baahubali comes as an all new experience which is regal in itself. Rajamouli handholds the audience to a different time zone where there are kings, queens, palaces, breathtaking sceneries and the likes.Ramya Krishnan plays the pivot and her gorgeous but stern appearance and dialogu ...
Published by Behindwoods on: 10-07-2015. Originally published here

Bahubali Technicalities

3.5 / 5
The VFX stands tall from the beginning (except a few shots). The artificially generated waterfall and the entire kingdom of Mahishmati deserves a huge applause. In fact, visual brilliance helps Baahubali bail out of trouble, for it lacks a great story. The film takes time to settle in the first half which is slow and lacks fascination. The whole of Baahubali depends on its fast paced second half and the climax will leave you wanting for more. Cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar has used the angles ...
Published by Others on: 10-07-2015. Originally published here

The Historical Entertainment

4.0 / 5
A movie that can make every Indian cinegoer proud. A true Indian film with mind, body, heart and soul Baahubali is a rarest of rarity that exploits Indias untapped beauty - The Orvakal Rock Gardens in Kurnool, Athirappilly Falls and Mahableshwar to make this grandiose mix of amazing action, stunning scenery, and tasteful drama. Within five minutes when Anushka Shetty prays to lord to protect Baahubali amidst those stunning Athirappilly Falls.. it is crystal clear that the audience are in grand ...
Published by India Glitz on: 10-07-2015. Originally published here

Baahubali Live Audience Reviews

3.8 / 5
#Baahubali is truly a MASTERPIECE.Every frame, every sequence of #Baahubali is a marvel. Can easily be compared to the best of Hollywood. Has the stamp of a genius.The grandiose sets, VFX, sound, edit, cinematography... most importantly, the watertight screenplay of #Baahubali is beyond fantastic.Baahubali casting just perfect. Every actor shines in their respective parts. Prabhas and Rana, special mention for you both. Outstanding!A film like #Baahubali makes you proud. An Indian filmmaker dare ...
Published by Others on: 10-07-2015. Originally published here

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Baahubali is a 2015 Tamil Film stars Keeravani , S.S. Rajamouli , Prabhas , Anushka Shetty , Tamanna Bhatia , Sudeep , Ramya Krishnan , Sathyaraj , Nassar , Rana Daggubati , John Kokken , Kalpalatha , Baahubali Prabhakar , Meka Ramakrishna , directed by S.S. Rajamouli & music by Keeravani. Baahubali Release Date is 10-07-2015 and Baahubali running time is 159 Min