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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Koottam Nalla Koodiruchu

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      Lakshmi Narayan is an Indian National Film Award winning actress who predominantly works in Tamil cinema. Lakshmi has acted in more than 300 films in all south Indian languages apart from few in Bollywood. She has won a Filmfare Best Actress Award and eight Filmfare Awards South.Lakshmi`s father Yaragudipati Varada Rao (Y. V. Rao), originally from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, was a Telugu filmmaker and actor whose films dealt with important social issues. Her mother Kumari Rukhmani was a Tamil actress, whose mother Nungambakkam Janaki was also an actress. They eased her into films, making her a third-generation film actress.Lakshmi was fifteen when she started acting in films. Her first film was Jeevanamsam, a Tamil film released in 1968. The same year she entered Telugu cinema through Bandhavyalu. She became well-known among the North-Indian audience through the film Julie (1975) in which she played the title role. Her performance in the film earned her a Filmfare Best Actress Award.She became a popular actress in South India in the 1970s acting in all four South Indian languages: Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Her Malayalam film Chattakari (1974) was remade in Hindi as Julie (1975) and in Telugu as Miss Julie Prema Katha (1975). In addition to a Filmfare Best Actress Award, she also won the Bengal Film Journalists` Association Awards for the "most outstanding work of the year", for her work in Julie. She is a versatile actress with a glamorous touch. In the Telugu film Panthulamma, she is credited with giving one of her best performances.After her success in Julie, however, she didn`t star in many Hindi films and instead concentrated on doing more South Indian films. She won the National Film Award for Best Actress for Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal (1977), becoming one of the first South Indian actresses to win in that category for a Tamil film. When her career as a leading lady ended in the 1980s, she started playing supporting roles as a mother and later as grandmother. She played Aishwarya Rai`s grandmother in Jeans (1998) and Kareena Kapoor`s grandmother in Hulchul (2004). She has performed in more than 400 films and has also been involved in politics.Lakshmi took a break from acting to host two talk shows, including the Tamil talk show Achamillai, Achamillai. After the talk shows ended, she returned to acting in films. She is fluent in all four South Indian languages. She currently hosts a talk show in Kannada for Suvarna channel called Idu Kathe alla Jeevana. She also hosts a talk show in Tamil for Vijay TV called Kadhai Alla Nijam. She also directed a Kannada film Makkala Sainya.Lakshmi was married three times. Her first marriage was to Baskar, which was arranged by her parents when she was seventeen. Her only biological child, Aishwarya, was born in 1971. Her marriage ended in a divorce, and she gained custody of her daughter, who later became an actress in the 1990s, making her a fourth generation actress. Lakshmi fell in love with her Chattakari leading man Mohan, but that relationship ended. While she was shooting En Uyir Kannamma, she and actor-director Sivachandran fell in love and got married.Her daughter Aishwarya, gave birth to a baby girl in the mid 1990s, making Lakshmi a real-life grandmother. Lakshmi adopted a baby girl in 2001.

      Lakshmi Fans Reviews (40)

      Lakshmi amma you are so beautifull and wonderful actress. I love u soooo much Amma. Am the greatest fan of you since my school days. Amma, . No words to describe u n ur acting. And everyday I watch atleast one movie of yours. I want to meet you atleast once in my life. It's my dream!

      Bhagyashree , Madhugiri on 07-12-2022

      Oh baby movie lo acting champesaruga meeru

      Ramya Sri Reddy , Podili, Prakasam District, And on 07-07-2019

      உன்னை காணவே இறைவன் இந்த விழிகளை கொடுத்தான்... நீ மட்டும் என்னை காண மறுப்பதேன்... உன்னை காண உன் வீட்டு வாசலில் நின்றேன் இருந்தும் உன் முகத்தில் தெளிவில்லை... ஆனாலம் மதிக்கிறேன் உமது வருகைக்காக... அன்று பார்த்த உமது கண்கள் என்றும் அழியா நினைவு சின்னங்கள்... இனியும் உன்னை காண என் இதயம் துடிக்கும் என் துடிப்பு நிற்கும் வரை.... இப்படிக்கு உமது தோழி கவி நிலவு

      கவி நிலவு , படப்பை, காஞ்சிபுரம் on 13-08-2018

      Lakshmi amma I am your biggest fan. Your acting in all the language is natural and super. I have seen all your kannada films.your are simply super amma we cannot see actress like you now days.i want meet you once in life and want to touch your feet. Love you lakshmi amma.

      Prakruthi R , Mysore on 13-07-2018

      I love Lakshmi amma I want to meet once in my life. I love so much of you mom. Every day I saw your flim but it is not enough to me. I want to meet once in my life... காற்றிடம் கூட கடன் வாங்கி விட்டேன் ஆனால் உன்னிடம் வாங்க முடியவில்லை என் இதயத்தை.....

      Kavinilavu balasubramani, Kancheepuram on 17-06-2018

      Mam I am big fan mam I like u to write a book for ur acting succsess and social work mam I am research plz contact mam 9538538558 plz plz

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 23-03-2018

      Hai mam I am state level eassay writer compitator I am intrest to write one book in kannada about ur acting ur social work etc so mam I research for ur information to ur acting plz contact mam 9148825460 plz plz

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 23-03-2018

      Hai mam ur a good actress ur boldness attitude motivation ur a inspiration to all young stars mam I meet once in a life mam ur a God tof me mam I love lots of sai ram

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 21-03-2018

      Amma I love u so much ur acting is good ur contribution, attitude, boldness in my life great ambition is meet once in my lifeamma ur a God tome amma I love so much amma plz consider amma plz umbels request amma

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 17-03-2018

      Hai ma I live u lakshmi amma ur more prettiest girl ur acting is so beautiful ma I meet in a life in once ma ur talking is my inspiration ma ur a my God ma I meet in once ma plz ma God bless u ma love u ma

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 08-03-2018

      Amma I love u ma love u lot yr a more inspiration to my life ma ur acting is so good ma ur speech attitude is more excellent ma in life I meet once a once ma nan daily God atra bedkolod ade sai baba is my fav God nange ninman nodo punya kodu anta ma e jeeva ogokinta munche niman ond sala nodi nim pada multi namaskara madkobedi ba adre meet madoke agatailla ma love u lot ma devr niman chanagitirli ma nimge kushi arogya ella a devr nimge kodli ma God bless 9148825460

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 08-03-2018

      I love very much ma God anta idre avn atra kelodu onde niman nodo bagya kodusu anta aste niman nodidre devrne noddostu bakti santosha agutte ma plz niman meet agbeku life alli ond sala a bhagya barutta ilvo gottilla ma nodbeku ma 9148825460 niman node nodtini anta positive attitude ittkonde divsa kalita idini ma nan lucky agidre niman nodtini illa Andre nim photo nodi Sumne aktini ma nim ella videos ella language alli matadidru ella ide adanell nodi nan negative attitude bittu posstitive attitude itkondini ma niv nanage kannige kanuva devate ma love u lot and lot ma

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 07-03-2018

      Hai amma ur film is so good ur acting is fantabulos ur most beautiful prettiest women could india like I love u so much ma I have great fan of u I saw ur all kannad movie and ur a role model to me I request to one to God in life meet a once ma when ur meet my life is fulfill really God promiss I love lot lot ma love u ma God bless u ma u r a great mother in the universe ma nimanta amma namgilla anta bejaru ma ur speech ur conversation all r good ma God anta obba idre nan life alli kelodu onde niman onde ondsala meet madsu devre anta aste ma God bless u ma love u ma

      Shruthi, Tumkur on 07-03-2018

      Hi amma I will meet you once in my life love you so much more than me

      uma, bangalore on 17-12-2017

      I am 28 yrs old I love u so much. I want to meet once my life please consider to me I want get a selfey to you.

      kavinilavu, kancheepuram on 05-11-2017

      Now I am 63 years old man.I am fan of smt.Laxhmi ever since my college days.I want to have a glimpse of her atleast once in near future.Please furnish me such an opportunity.

      Basawaraj.M.Sajjan, Muddebihal.586212. on 30-06-2017

      Great ambition is become want to meet you once in my life. You are so beautiful and energetic person and I loved your feet and foot.. I need a original closeup shot photo of your sexy feet one.

      Jaison Chacko , Bangalore on 19-04-2017

      Old is gold lovely super

      Chandru, Bangalore on 19-02-2017

      I like Lakshmi madam from my school days on wards. I like her acute sharpness role with quick action. Physically also very beauty especially her loving eyes. I am waiting chance to meet her. But so far no chance. But I am satisfied and lingering my thoughts in getting a reply from madam during my college days in response to my letter sent to her with madam photo signed by madam. I only used to see the films acted by the madam as heroine. no herione is equal to lakshmi madam both in acting, dialogue and beauty. In all rolls I see her special talent and ability and natural beauty

      K.M.Venugopal, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-600083 on 03-01-2017

      Amma i love u. Your film asswome ur eye expression amezing ur social work also beautiful ... Ur one of the famous judge in kannada tv shows ' kate alla jeevan ' this year very famous tv show ' drama juniors ' in kannada. Am also biggest fan bt i wont u meet once madam..

      madavishetty, koppal on 02-11-2016

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