Horror Movies in English 1985
Updated on 25/05/2020

Here is the complete list of Horror English Movies released in 1985, that you must watch. The list includes cast & crew, reviews, rating, pictures and videos for all the movies included.

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The Bride
The Bride ( English )
Artist: Sting , Jennifer Beals , Anthony Higgins , Clancy Brown , David Rappaport
Director: Franc Roddam
Release date: 01-01-1985
Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
Director: Charles B. Pierce
Release date: 01-01-1985
Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti
Artist: John Genke , Joan Pape
Director: Maya Deren , Cherel Ito
Release date: 01-01-1985
Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except
Artist: Sam Raimi , Ted Raimi , Robert Rickman , John Manfredi , Timothy Patrick Quill
Director: Josh Becker
Release date: 01-01-1985
Lucker the Necrophagous
Artist: Nick Van Suyt
Release date: 01-01-1985
They Don't Cut the Grass Anymore
Director: Nathan Schiff
Release date: 01-01-1985
Death Warmed Up
Death Warmed Up ( English )
Artist: Michael Hurst , Margaret Umbers , William Upjohn , Norelle Scott , David Letch
Director: David Blyth
Release date: 01-01-1985
Don't Mess with My Sister!
Artist: Joe Perce , Jeannine Lemay , Jack Gurci , Peter Sapienza , Laura Lanfranchi
Director: Meir Zarchi
Release date: 01-01-1985
The Serpent Warriors
The Serpent Warriors ( English )
Artist: Eartha Kitt , Chris Mitchum , Clint Walker , Kathleen Lu , Kao Yuen
Director: John Howard , Niels Rasmussen
Release date: 01-01-1985
Murder in Space
Murder in Space ( English )
Release date: 01-01-1985
Showing 1 to 10 of 32 Movies

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