Comedy Movies in English 1938
Updated on 11/08/2020

Here is the complete list of Comedy English Movies released in 1938, that you must watch. The list includes cast & crew, reviews, rating, pictures and videos for all the movies included.

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Just Around the Corner
Director: Irving Cummings
Release date: 01-01-1938
Toyland Casino
Toyland Casino ( English )
Artist: Albert Adams , Kingsley Colton , Bernard Daly , Barbara Dennison , Bob Hastings
Director: Joseph Henabery
Release date: 01-01-1938
Tarzan's Revenge
Tarzan's Revenge ( English )
Artist: Glenn Morris , Eleanor Holm , George Meeker , Hedda Hopper , George Barbier
Director: D. Ross Lederman
Release date: 07-01-1938
Man-Proof ( English )
Director: Richard Thorpe
Release date: 07-01-1938
Swing Your Lady
Swing Your Lady ( English )
Director: Ray Enright
Release date: 08-01-1938
Change of Heart
Change of Heart ( English )
Director: James Tinling
Release date: 14-01-1938
Everybody's Doing It
Everybody's Doing It ( English )
Director: Christy Cabanne
Release date: 14-01-1938
The Divorce of Lady X
The Divorce of Lady X ( English )
Director: Tim Whelan
Release date: 15-01-1938
Happy Landing
Happy Landing ( English )
Director: Roy Del Ruth , Booth McCracken
Release date: 23-01-1938
Bank Holiday
Bank Holiday ( English )
Director: Carol Reed
Release date: 27-01-1938
Showing 1 to 10 of 50 Movies

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