Walker Cinemas 8 in Perry

1776 South Hwy 89, Perry, Utah - 84302
Multi screen

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Movies Running days and total number of shows at the Walker Cinemas 8 listed here is for reference purpose only.

Movie NameNo Of ShowsNo Of Days
Despicable Me 3 240 102
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 265 90
The Greatest Showman 255 90
Wonder Woman 224 85
Beauty and the Beast 207 78
Spider-Man: Homecoming 186 74
Christopher Robin 187 68
Peter Rabbit 135 68
Moana 170 62
Hidden Figures 156 62

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Walker Cinemas 8 Fans Reviews (1)

To be frightfully honest we have been frequenting this establishment at least once a week for many years because it’s close to home, the popcorn is great and the staff have always been fun and kind. Unfortunately we won’t be returning after a recent nightmare! We were told after a late movie that there wasn’t enough popcorn to accommodate refills for the 12 people we had taken to the movies that night but we could bring our buckets back if we’d like and could get fresh popcorn on our next visit. 3 days later we were back, a group of 8, we literally had 2 popcorn buckets ripped from our hands, told we were trying to sneak popcorn in and that we were letting people in a different door. All of this without asking or listening to anything we had to say. When asked to speak to an owner we were told that she was the owner... WOW! She stayed her name was Paige for reference of whom NOT to deal with. I have never felt so assaulted or attacked over “popcorn” in my life. She continually stated it wasn’t there policy and it was against health code. I tried to explain that we were only doing as we were told and we brought 2 of the 8 back for new buckets and purchased multiple more items... Paige continued to call us liars and then her sister jumped in from out of nowhere completely unaware of what she was saying or contributing to. Very disappointing behavior for business owners to argue with paying clients that support there business multiple times a week. Megaplex we will be returning to your comfy seats and kind workers from here on out!

Ellen, Brigham City on 27-12-2018

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