Movies Running in Ahmedabad Updated on 24/09/2022

Brahmastra Ahmedabad Showtiming
09-09-2022 | Hindi

Brahmastra movie is running in 89 theatres in Ahmedabad including PVR,PVR Cinemas,Devi Multiplex,Rajhans Cinemas (Pavillion Mall),Miraj Cinemas Cine Pride,Cinepolis

Chup Ahmedabad Showtiming
23-09-2022 | Hindi

Chup movie is running in 58 theatres in Ahmedabad including CineMAX (Ashram Road),Miraj Cinemas Cine Pride,SB Multiplex,City Gold (Ashram Road),Chhotu Maharaj Cine Restaurant Thaltej,City Gold (Bopal Junction)

Dhokha - Round D Corner
Dhokha - Round D Corner Ahmedabad Showtiming
23-09-2022 | Hindi

Dhokha - Round D Corner movie is running in 27 theatres in Ahmedabad including Rajhans Cinemas (Kalasagar Mall),Cinepolis,City Gold (Ashram Road),PVR Cinemas,Rajhans Cinemas (Pavillion Mall),City Gold (Ashram Road)

Avatar Ahmedabad Showtiming
18-12-2009 | English

Avatar movie is running in 18 theatres in Ahmedabad including PVR Cinemas,Cinepolis,Miraj City Pulse,Miraj Cinemas Cine Pride,SB Multiplex,Cinepolis

Ishq Pashmina
Ishq Pashmina Ahmedabad Showtiming
23-09-2022 | Hindi

Ishq Pashmina movie is running in 5 theatres in Ahmedabad including City Gold (Bopal Junction),Mukta A2 Cinemas,City Gold (Ashram Road),Cinepolis,Mukta A2 Cinemas

Sita Ramam
Sita Ramam Ahmedabad Showtiming
02-09-2022 | Hindi

Sita Ramam movie is running in 2 theatres in Ahmedabad including Chhotu Maharaj Cine Restaurant Thaltej,Cinepolis

Everything Everywhere All at Once
Everything Everywhere All at Once Ahmedabad Showtiming
16-09-2022 | English

Everything Everywhere All at Once movie is running in PVR

Karthikeya 2
Karthikeya 2 Ahmedabad Showtiming
13-08-2022 | Hindi

Karthikeya 2 movie is running in Chhotu Maharaj Cine Restaurant Thaltej

Prem Geet 3
Prem Geet 3 Ahmedabad Showtiming
23-09-2022 | Hindi

Prem Geet 3 movie is running in Revolution Multiplex

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