Actress K.B. Sundarambal

K.B. Sundarambal
K.B. Sundarambal
Kodumudi, TamilNadu, India
Nandanar ( Tamil )
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      Showing 1 to 9 of 9 movies
      Karaikkal Ammayar
      Karaikkal Ammayar ( Tamil )
      Artist: Muthuraman , Lakshmi , K.B. Sundarambal
      Director: A.P.Nagarajan
      Music Director: Kunnakkudi R. Vaidhyanathan
      Released Year: 1973
      Shakthi Leelai
      Shakthi Leelai ( Tamil )
      Artist: Gemini Ganesan , Jayalalithaa , K.B. Sundarambal
      Director: T.R.Ramanna
      Music Director: MS Viswanathan
      Released Year: 1972
      Kandhan Karunai
      Kandhan Karunai ( Tamil )
      Artist: Sivaji Ganesan , K.B. Sundarambal , Sivakumar , K.R.Vijaya , Jayalalithaa
      Director: A.P.Nagarajan
      Music Director: K.V. Mahadevan
      Release Date: 14-01-1967
      Maha Kavi Kalidhas
      Maha Kavi Kalidhas ( Tamil )
      Artist: Sivaji Ganesan , Sowcar Janaki , K.B. Sundarambal , Muthuraman , R.S.Manohar
      Director: R.R. Chandiran
      Music Director: K.V. Mahadevan
      Release Date: 19-08-1966
      Thiruvilayadal ( Tamil )
      Artist: Sivaji Ganesan , Savithiri , K.B. Sundarambal , T.S.Balaiah , TR.Mahalingam
      Director: A.P.Nagarajan
      Music Director: K.V. Mahadevan
      Release Date: 31-07-1965
      Poombugar ( Tamil )
      Artist: S.S.Rajendran , K.B. Sundarambal , Vijayakumari
      Director: P.Neelakandan
      Music Director: K.V. Mahadevan
      Released Year: 1964
      Avvaiyar ( Tamil )
      Artist: Gemini Ganesan , M.K.Radha , K.B. Sundarambal
      Music Director: M.D.Parthasarathy
      Released Year: 1953
      Manimekalai ( Tamil )
      Artist: K.B. Sundarambal , N.S.Krishnan , T.A.Mathuram
      Director: K.Subramaniam
      Music Director: N/A
      Released Year: 1941
      Nandanar ( Tamil )
      Artist: Maharajapuram Viswathanayar , K.B. Sundarambal
      Director: M.L.Tandon
      Music Director: Maharajapuram Viswathanayar
      Released Year: 1935
      Showing 1 to 9 of 9 movies
          Showing 1 to 9 of 9 movies

          Actress K.B. Sundarambal Biography

          Kodumadi Balambal Sundarambal was a renowned stage artist and singer of South India. She was popularly referred to as the "Queen of the Indian stage." She was noted both for her resonant, vibrant voice and for the dignity of her performances. A political activist during the Indian independence movement, K.B. Sundarambal was the first film personality to enter a state legislature in India.

          K.B. Sundarambal was born on 11 October 1908 in the town of Kodumudi (also spelled "Kodumadi"), on the banks of the Kaveri, about 35 km from the town of Erode in present-day Tamil Nadu. Little is known of Sundarambal`s father her mother, Balambal, barely managed to eke out a living. Indeed, so penurious was the family that Sundarambal, as a child, is said to have made some much-needed money by singing ditties on trains and receiving tips from the passengers.

          That was Sundarambal`s training in music. According to some sources, it was while singing thus on a train and begging for alms that the 10-year-old Sundarambal attracted the attention of F. G. Natesa Iyer, an amateur stage actor, producer and talent-scout, later municipal chairman of tiruchchirapalli district, in chennai.He was at one time Distrct traffic superintendent for southrn railways, the highest posution an Indian got. According to other sources, it was a police official named Krishnaswamy Iyer, an acquaintance of Balambal, who discovered the talent in Sundarambal and introduced the 10-year-old girl to P. S. Velu Nair, one of the reigning dramatists of that era.

          In either case, Sundarambal is believed to have made her debut in 1917, on the Tamil stage, as a member of a travelling theatre troupe. This was the turning point in her life. The talented young girl honed her voice while performing small roles on stage and keeping audiences entertained between acts. Soon enough, she was essaying leading roles on stage. Her early stage plays like "Valli Thirumanam," "Pavalakodi" and "Harishchandra" proved to be great hits. In particular, "Valli Thirumanam", where she co-starred with S.G. Kittappa, was a phenomenal success.

          While working together in the theatre, Sundarambal and S.G. Kittappa fell in love. They were married in 1927. For the next few years, Sundarambal lived a life that was both personally and professionally satisfying. The couple became cult figures with theatre aficionados. Unfortunately, the phase came to a sudden end with the untimely death of S.G. Kittappa in 1932. Sundarambal left the stage sometime after this happened, preferring to pursue a career as a concert artiste.

          A celebrated theatre personality and an accomplished concert artiste, Sundarambal was to find success in films as well. Although she accepted only a few film offers, they have proved to be landmarks. Her performance as Avvaiyyar, the Tamil poet-saint, was so convincing that she has become almost synonymous with the legendary personality. Since no portrait of the historical poetess exists, Avvaiyar is depicted using Sundramabal`s image! "Nandanar" and "Avvaiyar," in both of which she played Avvaiyar, were runaway hits. Her other great successes were in "Manimekhalai," "Thiruvilayadal," "Karaikal Ammaiyar" and "Kandan Karunai." Sundarambal`s golden voice and the devotional fervour of her singing set the box offices afire. Her voice is so unique and melodious that few ever have managed to mimic her songs.

          Sundarambal and her husband S.G. Kittappa had been much influenced by the Indian independence movement and they became ardent supporters of the Indian National Congress. They had harnessed their popularity and talents to further that cause. Sundarambal continued to champion the movement, recording several gramophone discs extolling the struggle and sacrifices it entailed. She also made it a point to always wear khadi. She often actively campaigned in support of Congress party candidates at various elections. After India gained independence, K.B. Sundarambal entered the Legislative Council of Madras State in 1951 as a Congress nominee, thus becoming the first film artist to enter an Indian legislature.

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