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Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Ari - My Name is Nobody ( Telugu )

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Neeli Kallu
Neeli Kallu ( Telugu )
Artist : Akanksha , Richa Panai , Suman
Director : Vatrapu Satyareddy
Ugravathara ( Kannada )
Artist : Priyanka Upendra , Suman , Pavitra Lokesh
Director : Guru Murthy
Music Director : Krishna Basrur
Vetri Nadai ( Tamil )
Director : Amal Neerath
Music Director : Gopi Sundar
Release Status: Unconfirmed
Swamy Manikandan ( Tamil )
Artist : Kalabhavan Mani , Suman , Haripriya
Director : Vijeshmani
Music Director : Manu Ramesan
Release Status: Unconfirmed
1818 ( Tamil )
Director : Rithun Sagar
Music Director : Thaman
Release Status: Unconfirmed
Pambattam ( Tamil )
Director : V.C.Vadivudaiyan
Music Director : Amrish
Release Status: Unconfirmed
Other Versions : Naagmati (Hindi) , Nagamani (Telugu)
Palle Gootiki Pandagocchindhi
Music Director : Sindhu K Prasad
Release Date: 01-12-2023
Janam ( Telugu )
Artist : Suman , ajay ghosh
Director : Venkata Ramana
Release Date: 17-11-2023
Mystery ( Telugu )
Director : Thallada Saikrishna
Release Date: 13-10-2023
Manyam Raju
Manyam Raju ( Telugu )
Director : Somasundaram BM
Music Director : Murali Sharma Jagarlapudi
Release Date: 04-08-2023
Showing 1 to 10 of 134 movies

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Ranjithame ( Varisu )
Singers: M.M.Manasi , Vijay

Lyricist: Vivek
Duration: 04:49 Minutes

Suman Biography

Suman is a South Indian film actor. He played the romantic hero in Tamil and Telugu films during the 1980s. After a long while away from cinema, he returned to acting in Tamil films in 2007, starring in S. Shankars Sivaji: The Boss with Rajinikanth. He has also appeared with Joseph Vijay in Kuruvi and with Ajith Kumar in Aegan. He acted in many action and romantic movies in Telugu, including Sitara, Tharangini, and Neti Bharatham. He appeared as a villain in Malayalam film Sagar Alias Jackie and enacted the historic character Pazhayamveedan Chandhu in the biopic malayalam movie Pazhassi Raja.He is a Black belt in karate (Shotokan Style). He also learnt Kalari Payiut (Martial Arts of Kerala) from Sri. Gopal Gurukkal. Suman attributes his Patience and Endurance to Martial arts. He is known for his famous stunts in movies, which got him the title of an Action Hero, due to his martial arts background. His film career was thanks to Martial arts, as his potential to be different and trend setting, was noticed by his producer in a Dojo (School), where Suman was teaching Karate.A Black Belt 1st Dan in karate, from Shotokan Karate Association (affiliated to Japan Karate Association), Suman, is the Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Karate Association. Suman takes an active part in all demonstrations and promotions, in Andhra Pradesh, to popularize martial arts as an effective way of striking a perfect balance, mentally and physically, to defend ones self, with harmony, patience and restraint.Sumun Budokan Karate Association is an extention of his involvement in promoting Martial Arts.Suman started his film career as a police officer in Tamil movie Neechal Kulam (1977) produced by T.R.Rammanna.Then he gave a power packed performance in the remake of classic hindi movie Deewar made into tamil as Thee(1981),he played a sincere police officer with the upcoming superstar rajinikanth. In more than 3 decades, he acted more than 150 films as a hero in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and English language films. After a break, he returned to acting by playing the villain in Kollywood movies Sivaji and Kuruvi. He is cast as the main villain in the Malayalam movie Sagar Alias Jacky.Suman started his career as a Sensei (Master) in Karate. His family friend Mr. Kittu introduced him to a Tamil producer. He thus started off his film career in the year 1977.In his final year he acted in his first Tamil movie "Neechal kulam" produced by well-known producer in Tamilnadu Late Sri.T.R.Rammanna. His first role was that of a Police officer.Suman has emerged as a true survivor. A Real Hero, as his fans would like to call him, from real life conspiracy that shattered a career but not his heart. He rose like a Phoenix to make a comeback, resurrecting belief in the minds of his fans and well wishers that nothing is impossible in life if you have Patience, Hard work, and Sincerity as your backbone.

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Tanikella Bharani
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Sayaji Shinde
7 Movies

Suman Fans Reviews (43)

-"Hai Nellore on 30-9-2016" all comments are posted by mine. I do NOT know why the city name was mentioned incorrect. I am from Visakhapatnam.

Karteek, on 07-09-2017

Hi sir,I am your fan.i was working as a govt teacher,at mylavaram, krishna, cell number is 9440407307,8464802389

matta venkatesh, vijayawada on 15-06-2017

Anna you are super, no one can do like you, you may enter in politics, we support you.Always we support you

VENKATESH MATTA, mylavaram,krishna,521230.,9440 on 12-04-2017

sir I am big fan you till today

RAMANA GONDESI, pedagantyada,gajuwaka.visakhap on 20-03-2017

Suman as good actors

Vinothkumar, Vellor on 25-01-2017

To, Suman bayya how are you. We are not happy because you didn’t act as lord Venkatesha in OM NAMO VENKATESHAYA NAMAHA Directed by K. Raghavendar Rao and Hero by Nagarjuna Akkineni. We can’t watch the movie without you as LORD VENKATESHA in that film. We thought that Director is making the movie with ANNAMAYYA team and we are missing you in the movie. Your present body language is cause to miss Lord Venkaatesha character. First of all you should and must make body fitness and become slim and body fitness is in our hand. Please don’t disappoint us with waste characters. Its meant villain characters and small characters. Once upon a time SUMAN was great hero. This time suman is not taking care of choosing good character. We can’t see you in small character and villain. You are not old more than Nagrjunna Akkineni, Venkatesh Daggupati, Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna Nandamuri, Dr.Rajendraprasad and Dr.Rajashekar. You can act as a Hero and prove yourself as suman is not old. Please go ahead to act in 100th movie. You can do it. We want to see old suman who was acted in Bavabamardi, Collectorgaralludu, Peddintialludu,Nayudugarikutumbam, Paruvu-Prathista, Rendellapoojari,Ugranethrudu, Bandipotu, Amerikalludu, 20va shathabdam,Dosinirdosi, Mondimogudu Penkipellam,Chinnalludu and Dongalludu. Your future is in your hand and depends on your body fitness. Once again please don’t act with small character and disappoint us. We are big fan of you. Kishankumar and friends Praveenkumar Pramodkumar Kiran Balraj Supreme Akhil Anil Anjali Date: 11.01.17

kishankumar azmeera, Gurrampet Jayashankar(Bhupalpa on 10-01-2017

Suman garu, U act movie with Amjad Khan plays a devil role in that movie and try to help u when u r in problems can u suggest that movie name... Thank you...

Shiva, Bangalore on 08-11-2016

Please tell if there are any more double role movies for Suman. We know that Suman played Triple Role in Sri Satya Narayana Swami Any double role movie is not available to see. If any one has, please let me know and help me with movie. My number 8712767289

Maruti, on 01-11-2016

suman super hero.dhongallo dora lo dual role vundi

hai, nellore on 30-09-2016

Hello All, Hero Suman Garu is an Extra-Ordinary hero. On e of the members here posted athma bandhuvu. The correct name is Aathma Bandham. Hero Suman's Greatness and Bad lucks are as follows which made me highly disappointed:- 1) Hero Suman comedy or jovial roles cheyyaleru, saradha movies cheyyaleru (Tollywood mentioned in some blog, means some people) Ans) Pls watch the movies Chinna Alludu 1991, Kurra Chestalu 1984, Donga Alludu 1993, Osi Naa Maradhala 1997, Bangaru Mogudu 1994, Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo 2003 2) Hero Suman Can't do Mass Roles Ans) Pls watch Mayadari Maridi 1985, Qaidi Dada 1990, 20 Va Sathabdham, Chinna Alludu 1991, Aalumagalu 1992, Donga Alludu 1993, Bava Bavamaridhi 1993, Palletoori Mogudu 1994, hence can easily do Venkatesh's Role in Kondapalli Raja if given, also can do Chanti of Venkatesh role, another hero Vinod Kumar impacted some movies by entering tollywood limiting Suman's few movies (Sabash Ramu and few others), so Suman lost few movies that way 3) Hero Rajasekhar limited many movies and there is arch rivalry between these 2 actors, Rajasekhar used to force Sai Kumar to stop dubbing for Suman 4) Thammireddy Bharadwaja is ighly angry with Rajasekhar as he does not have time discipline due to which potential combinations have missed in his experimental movie Vatagaadu 1992 ofcourse this movie was to be allotted to Srikanth. Rajasekhar requested the director and till now this director is not able to make profits due to the impact by Raja sekhar. Raja Sekhar's Allari Priyudu if given for Suman would have fetched much better response, Raja Sekhar's Akka Mogudu, Yevadithey Naakenti, Aavesam 1987 and few other such movies must have fetched Suman. 5) Suman was avoided by Tollywood in many ways, Suman should have acted with Jagapathi in movie "Hanuman Junction instead of that Arjun", some image less or defamed roles Suman acted since the start of 2000 which is highly disappointing. Some examples are the roles in Gangotri 2003, Aapthudu 2005 a very cheap role dying earlier and Raja Sekhar was the hero to act with Anjana Javeri, Back Pocket 2003, Leela Mahal Center as a dad of good looking heroine, Aunanna Kadhanna of Uday Kiran movie, as a role dying at last in Dhookudu movie is disappointing, dad of twin Balayyas in Legend is highly disappointing (Suman had a movie in 1980s where Bhanu Priya shot him with pistol for 5 bullets, gets admitted and still remains till the end of movie, there are days when Suman was also treated with such roles), Mr. Medhavi as a hubby of a comedian role playing lady, Vaana as a col suffering from disease, Ahtade oka Sainyam the role is disappointing, Sahasam movie as grand-pa of Gopi Chand is disappointing, Cheap role in Sri Vasavi Vaibhavam some idiot acted as Lord Shiva hat bastard acts as Lord Shiva in silver screens and does not at all suit as Lord Shiva in silver screen (Suman has to act as Lord Shiva), Sri Manjinatha unluckily suited to Chiru and Suman was not offered the role, acting as Bindusara killed by Ajathasathru in Gautama Buddha Movie is also a cheap role, Koduku movie (M.S. Narayana' son was the hero, Suman played an extremely powerful role in the very start, but the role has been defamed due to the story), maybe Suman has acted that movie because M.S. has some movies for Suman like Alexander 1992 etc 6) Suman's roles and movies were not made properly advertised or not popularly known, even the online search engines does not update Suman's birthdday in list of celebrities while the rest of Tollywood and other wood stars got registered 7) Suman is the only Hero so far in Tollywood, who has acted in Tollywood, Bollywood (even not dubbing movies) and Hollywood (Reference- Death and Taxis 1998) 8) Suman is the only Hero who has acted as hubby for each and every heroine and also with character artists and comedians (Iddharu Atthala Muddhula Alludu, has dual family and is hubby to comedian Sarala, Mr. Medhavi as hubby to comedian etc) But Suman did not act with heroines not even as their boyfriend, hubby of any relation such as Sri Devi, Radhika (only in Telugu, acted with her in Tamil movies), Amala, Oormila, Anjana Javeri, of 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. Unfortulately almost every top hero of Tollywood acted with Shreya, Zenelia, Trisha who paired with top heroes but did not act with Suman because Suman was not given movies 9) Suman is an established hero in Tollywood completely by 1983 itself by Sitara Movie, 1984 followed Neti Bharatham, Merupu Dhaadi, all the movies and best in 1985 which includes America Alludu (the very first movie acted while sent to jail by Tamil Nadu govt with Goonda act which was newly introduced at that time, kept Suman in non-bailable warrant for 10 continuous days- MGR of Tamil Nadu was also influenced by Sr. NTR who is known to Allu Ramalinga the father in law of Chiruu, Sr. NTR's son Balayya introduced to Tollywood earlier and as hero from 1983 and has hit "Mangamma Gar Manavadu" 1984, SO SOME ALSO OPINE THAT THESE PEOPLE HAS ALSO IMPACTED SUMAN CAREER), Nyayam Meere Cheppali (industry hit, also Rajini Kanth was side role, Suman has to act side to Rajini in Shivaji 2007), Kanchu Kavacham, Garjana 9) Suman was highly and fully established by 1985 in all ways, Nagarjuna came in 1985, Venkatesh came in 1986, but hurdle for Suman is the coming of Raja Sekhar from 1983 onwards and impacted few movies, ofcourse Raja Sekhar was not given the full main roles, if given was used to die or etc in the time of 1983 - 1985, Raja Sekhar also started as hero fully from 1985 impacting Suman's movies 10) Only Suman can act as Venkatesh, Bala Krishna/ Balayya, Nagarjuna, Raja Sekhar, Rajendra Prasad also it is surprising I will tell you some movies now. Also Suman and Chiru are 2 legends I understand and the action of one can't be compared with other. Suman can do a lot of movies of Chiru very easily which Venkatesh, Bala Krishna/ Balayya, Nagarjuna, Raja Sekhar, Rajendra Prasad CAN NOT do at all. Suman in Venkatesh Roles:- Kaliyuga Pandavulu 1986, Two Town Rowdy 1989, Swarna Kamalam 1987, Sreenivasa Kalyanam 1987 (ofcourse these are master pieces of Venkatesh and I am fan of Venkatesh also, can't be every movie to Suman). But comparing the roles and efficiency. Kondapalli Raja 1993, Abbayi Garu 1992,Sathruvu, Sundara Kanda 1991, Sarada Bullodu, Surya I.P.S, Prema 1989, Aggi Ramudu (Venkatesh dual role first time), Pokiri Raja (Venkatesh dual role for second time), all other movies of Venkatesh that ends with title "Raa", can do Vaasu, Dharma Chakram 1998 (similar role done by Suman in a movie named Urmila 1998, a very powerful and angry lawyer who stands for justice), Kshana Kshanam, Surya Vamsham 1998 (Venkatesh dual role for third time), Jayam Manadhera 2000 ( (Venkatesh dual role for fourth time), Devi Puthrudu 2001 (Venkatesh dual role for fifth time, can Compare Suman's role a bit with Suman's movie Swarnamukhi 1998 with spectacles the action would be like first Venkatesh in Devi Puthrudu), Chintakayala Ravi, Seethamma Vakitlo movie, Suman can't suit for Dhrusyam role, Muddhula Priyudu, Dhruvathaara Venkatesh movie can also be acted, Gharshana 2004, Suman cant suit for few movies like Malleeswari 2004, Lakshmi Suman can suit, Coolie No 1 1991 with Tabu. SO THERE IS VENKATESH ALMOST IN SUMAN Suman in Balayya Roles:- Naari Naari Naduma Murari, Muvva Gopaludu, Mangamma Gari Manavadu, Ramudu Bhimudu (I think the very first dual role of Balayya), Muddhula Krishnayya, Bhairava Dweepam, (I am sorry Suman can't suit to Aditya 369, Ballaya's unique piece no tollywood actor can fulfill), Rowdy Inspector, Lorry Driver, Top Hero, Nippu Ravva, Maatho pettukoku (dual role of Balayya), Vamsaanikokkadu, Samara Simha Reddy, Seema Simham, Chennakesava Reddy (dual role of Balayya), Sultan 1998 (dual role of Balayya), Pedhhannayya (dual role of Balayya), Legend in place of Balayya (dual role of Balayya), Sri Rama Rajyam, there are many many more movies of Ballaya since 1980s Suman can do and missed. SO THERE IS BALAYYA ALMOST IN SUMAN Suman in Nagarjuna Roles:- Inspector Vikram, Vikky Dada, Killer (similar movie of Suman and different subject named "Iddharu Mithrulu" in 1987), Janaki Ramudu (first dual role of Nagarjuna), Nirnayam 1991, Hello Brother (second dual role of Nagarjuna), Allaru Alludu (third dual role of Nagarjuna), Siva 1989, Aavidaa Maa Aavide, President gaari pellam, Mass, Sivamani, Manmadhudu, Aakasa Veedhilo and many other movies of Nagarjuna. SO THERE IS NAGARJUNA IS ALMOST IN SUMAN. I HAVE ALSO GOT TO KNOW SOME COMMENTS OF 1980S GENERATION YOUTH THAT SUMAN IS BEST IN ACTING COMPARED TO NAGARJUNA, THEY DID NOT COMMENT OTHER HEROES, THOUGH RAJASEKHAR STILL DOES NOT COME ANY WHERE IN COMPARISION Suman in Chiru' Roles:- Khaidi 1983, Khaidi No 786, many movies of Chiru in 1980s, 1990s, Chantabbaayi 1985, Manthri gari Viyyankudu, Thrinethrudu (Chiru's 100th movie), Big Boss, Hitler (Suman can act extraordinarily serious and violent), Master (suits this role extremely well), Rikshavodu, Bavagaru Bagunnara, Gharana Mogudu, Jagadheka Veerudu Athiloka Sundhari, Mruga Raju can suit very well, Anji can't suit to Suman. There are many number of movies that Suman can act in place of Chiru. SO THERE IS BALAYYA ALMOST IN SUMAN Suman in Rajasekhar Roles:- Many of the movies Suman can easliy do and would have also fetched hits unlike Rajasekhar. Movies like Allari Priyudu (Rose Song movie), Raja Hamsa 1995 (dual role), Maa Annayya (dual role), Alankari 1992 (dual role), Yevadiethey Naakenti, Ankusam, Aavesam. I don't remember but someone said there is a movie in 1980s where Suman acts as an employee in Rajasekhar's company, Rajasekhar throws Suman out of job due to some issue, later Suman owns some company and takes care of Rajasekhar when Rajasekhar is in losses. SO THERE IS RAJAESKHAR ALMOST IN SUMAN Suman in Rajendra Prasad Roles:- Many of you get surprised for this. Pls watch Suman's Prema Samrat 1987 a flop movie, Suman exactly acted like Rajendra Prasad, where Rajendra Prasad is cunning, comic, conduce, not helping friends by giving job in his company etc, Also Watch Lahiri Lahiri Lahiri Lo Rajendra Prasad could do Suman's role SO THERE IS some part of RAJENDRA PRASAD IN SUMAN 10) SUMAN IS REGARDED AS "ALL IN ONE", MEGA STAR IS SUMAN (CHIRU SNATCHED THAT TITLE), SUPREME HERO (RAJASEKHAR TITLE WAS EARLIER GIVEN TO CHIRU WHEN SUMAN IS MEGA STAR), "SENSATIONAL HERO", "DYNAMIC HERO", "HANDSOME HERO", "DREAM HERO FOR LADIES", there are many such titles ONLY FOR HERO SUMAN IN THE ENTIRE TOLLYWOOD ABOUT ANNAMAYYA MOVIE 1997 Pls watch open heart with RK all episodes in full. Suman told he was not given an Single Award by Tollywood for his performance in this movie. THERE IS NO ENCOURAGEMENT FROM TOLLYWOOD SINCE 1990 PROPERLY TO SUMAN. FOLLOWING ARE THE EXAMPLES:- Suman acted in many short-films, the movies which Suman mostly acted does not even exceed 2 hours duration. Some of the movies are Kondaveeti Rowdy 1991 (came before Venkatesh Bobbili Raja) in this movie Suman also deals with forest and fights just like Venkatesh, the movie ends very well within 2 hours, Ram 1995, Dharma Patni 1986, Maruthi 1986 (1 hour 46 minutes), THERE ARE MANY MOVIES OF SUMAN SINCE 1995 that have VERY LESS DURATION THAN ALL HEROES OF TOLLYWOOD. NO HERO COULD ACT AS BEST AS SUMAN DID IN RENDILLA POOJARI 1993 (NAGMA'S first movie) Some Heroines opened their Career with Suman, they are Nagma (Rendilla Poojari 1993), Nayudu Gari Kutumbham (Sanghavi 1995), Abbaayi Gari Pelli (Simran 1996), Raasi (Yevandi Mallee Pelli Chesukondi 1997, alongside as second heroine with RamyaKrishna, Vineet Tamil hero dies and Suman has 2 living wives, Raasi dies in climax). ABOUT DUAL ROLES HELLO FANS, I REALLY BET ANY ONE OF YOU has ever seen Suman playing dual role on screen, please DO NOT tell me the example of Suman's Triple Role movie as Sree Satya Narayana Swany 2008 Movie, please tell me some movies where Suman played double action like other tollywood heroes I have provided examples like above Suman as Mohan Babu Pedha Rayudu 1995 is one of the highly deserving double role movies for Suman. IN Bujjigadu movie, Mohan Babu is alive even after getting pierced and shot by villians, in Dookudu movie what is the respect give to Suman? Venkatesh height is just under 6'0", meaning he is 5'11"10" or just so and Hit Height got matched with Mahesh Babu's height in Seethamma Vakitlo movie, his height is 6'2" which means there is still 3 inches less height for Venkatesh. Pls closely observe Dhookudu Movie, Suman is 6'1"4 and Mahesh Babu is 6'2", the movie shows as Suman is very short than Mahesh while they are having discussion on stairs of court. Is that the respect given to Suman? Suman is the only hero who DOES NOT WEAR WIG, CHIRU WEARS WIG AFTER HE GOT INTO FAME LIKE SINCE 1983 OR 1984, BALAYYA ALWAYS WEAR A WIG, Nagarjuna, Jagapathi Babu I dont know, but Venkatesh, Rajendra Prasad does not wear wig. There is ONE ROMANTIC MOVIE IN 2000S where Jagapathi Babu, Rajendra Prasad acted in main roles, 2 heroines keep complementing Jagapathi insulting Rajendra Prasad. Is that the respect to Rajendra Prasad, instead Sr. Naresh could have acted there. Also OUT TOLLYWOOD CAN TAKE SUMAN AS JAGAPATHI'S FRIEND AS SOME GUEST ROLE TO SHOW HOW HANDSOME A MAN CAN BE who is extremely higher than Jagapathi Babu. ABOUT GUEST APPEARANCES Suman's image faded by playing gust role in many movies like Allari Pellikoduku 1997 Ali's movie, Ee tharam Nehru Suman with Sri Hari Tollywood belongs to Telugu and not Telangana at all, most actors, heroes and heroines etc, working units etc. Still SRi Hari has lot of recognition and in few movies which he acted with Suman, Suman is not given main roles, shame on Suman to accept such movies. Suman is the hero who has lots of knowledge and awareness and knows how to deal with every situation till date. He knows the fact behind every unfortunate happening and does not reveal at all, that's true character.! WOW, he does not have any egos and comes into some best category actors like Venkatesh, Rajendra Prasad, Bhanu Chander, Arjun, Rajani Kanth. Sri Hari played dual roles in movies, but show me one cinema that Suman actually played dual roles like anyother hero I came to know that there is a movie in 1980s when Suman is pushed into a pool by villians, he fights with crocodile and comes up, when he is about to relax by rubbing with towel etc, the villian will come and kill Suman from behind. Then other Suman (son of died Suman), will be there growing up as another Suman. But I don't know which movie is that. I AM GIVING CLUE TO EVERYONE THAT I HAVE WATCHED A SUMAN'S DUAL ROLE MOVIE BUT SINCE YOU ARE ALL THE FANS YOU HAVE TO SEARCH AND TELL ME IF ANYONE OF U HAVE ANY INFO BECAUSE I AM ONE AMONG THE ONES WHO TRIED VERY HARD AND EXPECTS THIS RESPECT. I am proud I can tell the names of all the movies of Suman acted (ONLY AS HERO, I CAN NAME ALL THE MOVIES BUT I REMEMBER THE 90 NAMES AS HERO ROLES, I AM NOT INTERESTED IN MENTIONING THE MOVIES WHERE SUMAN IS NOT A HERO THERE). I AM SORRY SINCE NONE OF YOU HAVE TOLD OR SHOWN INTEREST ON MY SUMAN PLAYING DOUBLE ROLE MOVIE, I AM DEEPLY HUT VERY MUCH, so I decided not to mention the NAME OF THAT DUAL ROLE MOVIE SUMAN ACTED (Increase your anxiety and help me, hence not talling) If you know any double role movies or the movies in which Suman appeared for more than once, please send me the movie my Email Id is maruti or call me at 9703698886. FAN OF SUMAN

Maruti, on 23-09-2016

sir suman garu ma uru yallamanchili mandalam somalingapalem gramma memmalane dasaraki ma uru pelavalani na korika pls sir ma kosam ma uru kosam metho matldalani korika plz sir

P.Tulasi ram, visakhapatnam on 21-09-2016

Sir, I am fan of you since 1989, once upon an a time I correspondence with you by letters. I am registered fan my No. KFA/SLR/2020. So I request you sir please give yours contact No. and e-mail address.


Suman Sir Really Big fan of you from your Movie KANCHU KAVACAM Still i like your movies,i disappointed last couple of years You are a Big Hero Of TALLYWOOD But i cannot see small roles in other hero's movies. So Please Complete Your 100TH movie as a hero soonly eagerly waited for that, If you're acted other heros movies Must be selected Good important Role, other wise please not accept small characters you are legendary hero not ordinary hero so please accepted very important roles in other movies.I HOPE GOD BLESSINGS ALWAYS WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, (Smt.SIREESH SUMAN

NARASIMHAM, simhamchalam,vizag on 08-05-2016

I was travelling with him for four years in bus when he was studying

Sundar, FARIDABAD on 22-04-2016

real hero toliwood best actor karata king glammar king today my fans no 1 hero

karri pavan kumar , vizianagaram gajularega on 08-03-2016

I am your big fan ( Dimong king suman fans) Tiruvuru, Krishna District all the best thanking you


hallow sir i am abig fan of you

venkatesh goud, vijayawada 9440407307 on 13-02-2016

Hellow suman garu, iam your fan from visakhapatnam, we feel you are the one of the pillor of telugu film industry based on your experience and image. and more over that your dedication is excellent, your massages and views are always inspiration to all youth. hope fully you will be happy with gud health and wealth and prosperity in all aspects. what we request is design your 100 picture is mixed with logic, investigation, comity sentiment, situation songs tech aspects must include in this move, thanking you your well wisher astro kp

astro krishna prasad , visakhapatnam on 02-02-2016

he is reeyal hero

santosh.kumat, on 21-12-2015

i want to meet u personally one time..because of your 100th movie story telling purpose please give me your appointment as early as possible with my heartly request.... i was very thankful to .....much sir....... srungarakavi satya 800XXXX9288

srungarakavi satya, visakhapatnam on 17-10-2015

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