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I have seen your film Yen Peyan... Films give a value to people.. I wish Indian filmmakers new about the most fundamental value informed in the Veda. In your film you have portrayed unity in diversity by stitching the three colours of the tricolour together. Meaning that we are fundamentally diverse but United together stitched together as a nation. This is not the unity which the Veda teachers. According to Veda we are a diversity in unity. Unity is fundamental and Diversity is apparent. Unity is factual and Diversity is perceptual. Like water is one unity and waves is a perceptual diversity. I wish this Gmail would reach you and others. Guru datt ji was a great sensitive person sensitive film maker, but he did not know about this fundamental unity and we lost him. Hope to see you talk to you on this subject. Thank you.

Swami Nityananda, Ayodhya ji on 01-11-2022

I I have seen your film in Hindi mukhauta. It feels so good that such sensitive people exist. I wish I could talk to you. May you discover Ram ji. Regards.

Swami Nityananda, Ayodhya on 31-10-2022

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