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Excellent actor and so natural in his action like Ranga Rao. As others said here, we need a Wikipedia page dedicated to this great Actor , the page should provide all the details about him.

Kalyanaramachandran Krishnamoo, Chennai_Chromepet on 02-09-2017

UmadeviKalyan (daughter0 and g.balaji (Grandson) You both have given different years as his year of death. My information is that he died on 29-1-1980. I am writing a Wiki article about Sri S. V. Subbaiah. I know S stands for Sengottai. Please let me know what the letter V in his initial stands for. What were the names of his father and mother? Please E-mail me uksharma3 .. @ .. your contact information. I hope you will like an article about your father published in Wikipedia.

UK Sharma, Chennai on 30-05-2017

I heard he lived in chettyur tenkasi taluk. Before start acting he acted lots of dramas here, very wonderful actor

AAB.RAJA, Pavoorchatram on 19-02-2017

Thiru S.V.Subbaiya was a great actor among S.V.Ranga Rao and T.S.Balaiya. His dialogue delivery was natural and wonderful. His performance was excellent in all his movies. Actors like MGR, SIVAJI had a great admiration on him. He is an actor unforgettable. He is never replaced upto now.

Aroumougame.P, Paris - France on 29-01-2017

I saw sollatan ninaikiren / arangetram etc., his natural acting talent as brahmin character was Excellent! His action

udaya basker, Dubai on 12-12-2016

Performed his roles to perfection. A tidy actor with great potential. Yes, I would want to know more of his history.

Mohan Pushparaj, New Zealand on 17-10-2016

still I remember the scene which he acted in the sollathan ninaikirene where he used 3 words and in the film pazhani and deepam still in the heart of his fans and also the film Aasirwatham a jaishankar film

vasunath, Chennai on 05-10-2016

S.V. Subbiah, born actor and could shine in any role. Be it Nanum Oru Pen, Sollathan Ninaikiren, Arangerram. He has carried the character so well it will not let you sleep for next three four days. Such was the power of his acting. He was not charismatic. But can come on par with any National and International actors.

N. Seetharaman, Mumbai on 24-08-2016

Dear S.V Subbiah family Members, Why there is no wiki in his name , please try to implement it , he is ones of the Gem in the Jewel box

Dinesh Babu Manavalan, Trichy on 11-05-2016

He is a very good actor with fine talents. Memorable actor of yester days.

Kovai Bala, Coimbatore on 11-04-2016

Sv subaiyah and s v rengarao Together were a lovely pair as brothers His song ....sol adi abirami. .. Is never to be forgotten. . My best wishes to his family

A Saraswathi Row, Chennai on 10-04-2016

Such wonderful actor in Tamil film industry

s.saga, Chennai omr on 30-03-2016

Feeling proud to know so many ppl still remember my father. He passed away n the year 1980 though he lives n our hearts -Proud daughter Umadevikalyan

UmadeviKalyan, on 18-03-2016

One of my favorite actors. Aathi parasakthi, kappas ootiya thamazhan, etc. Only he could carry out roles that required required a level of insane insanity or compassion. Never again. My 5 yr old daughter cannot stop watching or listening to dialog or singing of Solladi abhirami

Mohan, on 29-10-2015

actor sv subbaiah was a great actor, him acting was wonderfull

selvakumar, shenkottai on 23-07-2015

Our family is from Shencottai We know Mr S V Subbiah's family members for more than fifty years.They all lived in ( old Tanjavur Street) Shencottah I feel it is appropriate to mention his place of birth as Sengottai in his biography Mr Vanchinatha Iyer (Vanchi) and Mr S S Pillai and few great people from this Sengottai ! Please share this with your friends Dr C K Krishnaswamy

Dr C K Krishnaswamy, London UK on 15-07-2015

I he watched many films of SVS and some how I have great respect to SVS. Wonderful actor. Now technology is great.. But no one to replace such great actors...

Ram, Abu Dhabi on 24-04-2015

when a cluster of actors in the set in 1960s in Bhim Singh direction, actors like Sivaji, Balaiah, M R Radha, S.V. Rang Rao, S.V. Subbiah will also be there. His role may be a small one. But he made that role to be felt by audience. Even Sivaji will wait in the set and watch others acting so that he can improve his role. Such was the greatness of this wonderful actor. He was a simple man. Delivery of dialogues were natural. I am great fan of this great man. I appreciate his role in RAMU film as Tamil teacher.

Rajagopalachari Raghavan, Bangalore on 18-01-2015

Such a wonderful actor. i would like to know about his family, when he passed away. he was an inspiration for everyone. i have not seen a another actor like him. he should not be forgotten. We should treasure his memories of this legend.

kalyani, london u.k. on 10-11-2014

Mr S V Subbiah died in 1977 as Delhi Ganesh told in an interview. He had said that he was a stage actor and when a drama was filmed (Pattinapravesam), MR KB wanted to cast SVS in a role and as SVS had passed away, he decided to give the. role to Delhi Ganesh thereby giving him a break in to the filmdom. The movie Pattinpravesam was released in 1977.

P Esakki Muthu, Chennai on 13-08-2014

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