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Human potential is an incalculable rich mineral deposit, just waiting for us to dig

Shakespeare.Rebecca says from 3796 Dove Rd about Surya

If we do or don't do it, someone will laugh

Horatio.Samantha says from 316 Lawson Trl about Karthi

Sakthi..your good time will come and you will success in your life..wait and be positive..you are really true in big boss...dont worry what other think about you..move ahead..the world like to note others false only..to the person who talk bad about others..better you participate in next big boss..to who always write negative comments...think first what positive comment to get in your life..First of all ..Life is lesson..learn it..think it..and change yourself if there is wrong on you..Eyes( 2 )to see a lot in this world..Ears(2) to listen a lot but mouth (1) better dont talk so much and dont talk nonsense..let everybody to live in peace and dont judge anybody...All in different situation..So think positive and do the better job..Sakthi you are the best and you can do a wonderful things in this world..Dont care others..Your good time will start..

Rekha says from about Sakthi Vasu

Neenga super hero one day ya vathu ungala meet pannanum

Natarajanmuruganantham puliyur says from Madurai about Vijayakanth

Super hero l o u

Suganya says from about Dhruvva

Sivaji was a great Tamil actor, better than many Hollywood actors of his times. Many veteran Hindi actors like Sanjiv Kumar failed to perform like Sivaji in the remakes of Sivaji films. He used to convert the characters very real on the screen. He has portrayed the freedom fighters, leaders, even Hindu Gods on the screen. Unfortunately, only a few directors, dialogue writers, lyrists could use his full potential. He even portrayed Shakespeare's heroes like Othello, Ceaser, Hamlet and so on perfectly well, better than the Hollywood actors themselves. Tamil audience knew about Socrates only through Sivaji. The Oscar selection committee miserably failed to take pride by awarding Sivaji with its award. Sivaji will be remembered by the Tamil audience forever and many of his films are worthy of showing as model films to the young actors.

Dr Rajendran T says from Dindigul about Sivaji Ganesan

HI i am salman khan big fan sAlman bhai is best supported accter wi har kisiki madad karte hai plz aapse ek request hai ki mera ye msg salman bhaijaan ke paas pahuch jaye main aapse vinti karta hun mere haalaat is waqt kuch achhe nahi hai plz plz plz plz plz plz thank you bhaijaan thank you

Mohd khubaib says from Samta Nagar Rd, Junaid Nagar, about Salman Khan

hi siva anna . i love you. iwant to meet you........

lavanya says from coimbatore about Siva Karthikeyan

Thalaivaa...yen vazh nal la na ungala oru time patha podhum thalaivaa...

Guna says from Madurai about Surya

Dhanush Anna neenge aana enukku uyire needhana I love ❤ you

karthik says from tamil nadu about Dhanush