Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja

Chennai, TamilNadu, India
110 (only Tamil movies included)
Vai Raja Vai , Pesu , Takkar , Masss , Nee Nalla Varuvada
Rating: 5.9/10 from 423 users

Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja Movie List

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Yatchan ( 2015 )
Artist: Arya , Krishna Sekhar
Director: Vishnuvardhan
Kadhal 2 Kalyanam
Director: Miland
Vettai Mannan
Vettai Mannan ( 2015 )
Director: Nelson
Maa ( 2015 )
Director: Sabhapathi
Taramani ( 2015 )
Director: Ram
Masss ( 2015 )
Artist: Surya , Nayanthara
Director: Venkat Prabhu
Nee Nalla Varuvada
Artist: Jeeva , Nazriya Nazim
Director: Chandra Mohan
Takkar ( 2015 )
Director: Barani Jayapal
Showing 1 to 10 of 110 Movies

Yuvan Shankar Raja Fan Review (134)


BANU, on 26-01-2013

I am ur greatest fan YUVAN. My aim to became a film maker. If i ll enter into movie field u r my music director for my movies.

Logu, on 12-08-2012

i want to met u but that not possible....i luv so much yuvan ,,, ur not my fav music directr u my heart.... then i can defently meet u .... so i am waiting... umma

Anand shana..., kallakurichi on 04-06-2013

am very big fan of u.....i like ur song in every time at evry movement hearing yuvan song only............

anbu, chennai on 26-07-2013

Hi.... u1 u r like magician s am rit...... nd pls give lots nd lots of great music........

s.Anusuya, cuddalore on 11-02-2014

I luv yuvan i hear 1 and 1ly yuvan music u r a grt mastro of music good luk 4r ur cmng music

Asrar, 3chy on 02-03-2013

yuvan u yuvan

shamu, thiruvannamalai on 08-03-2014

u1 alwaz rocking composer....

balaa, ariyalur on 17-07-2013

my heart is full of Yuvan... love u lot Yuvan..

Bharath, Trichy on 22-09-2011

Music "god ¥ YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA ¥ i love you

Yuvan bhuvan, on 10-07-2013

He is the no.1 music director of our tamil industry perhaps next to ar

Deena dayalan, Kanchipuram on 25-12-2012

i like u1 & i like u1 music......

chakkaravarthi kumar, vandavasi on 25-11-2013

i am a die hard yuvan fan

harismart, rajapalayam on 05-01-2013

i love yuvan next little isayinani all the best upcoming movie

deepanu1, vellore on 13-08-2013

like u d much do movies in telugu

deepak, vizag,andhra on 13-08-2013

my one and only my heart yuvan. the god tamil music and king of music yuvan.

s.vasudevan, jayankondom on 05-07-2013

Hi GENOUS.....YOUNG MASTRO......LEGEND OF MUSIC.....I dont wants to say im ur fan,like u very much etc.,as like others.But the real fact is U R MINE.Love U.Keep ur this suceesful journey well.....FOREVER.....

Dhivya, on 06-12-2013

I love yuvan songs his voice is very attractive am a big fan of yuvan

Dinesh, Chennai on 28-07-2012

hi uvan I am one of the big fan in the world my request your always give a super hit songs thank u uvan continue ur rocks

suresh, dharmapuri on 09-10-2014

yuvan sir is one of the best music player my hero only yuvan

duraimani, ariyalur on 30-05-2013


E.DINESH, on 08-04-2011

dear Mr Yuvan, Your are a master of Music, Master of Fantastic musician. u r u a big music director in india. thank u , may god blusse u, regards Yuvan raja egambaram. 9445277712.

EGAMBARAM.A, chennai on 28-11-2012

hi U1 anna, I am yours fan. i like very much ur all movies and musics and album songs. god bless you anna.

franklin, vellore on 03-11-2013

Yuvan is the best musician i the world

Ganeshkumar, Ooty on 17-07-2013

happy birthday yuvan

gavaskar, salem on 31-08-2014

Yuvan you are the amazing musician and your voice is so sweet.I like all your albums including Govindhudu Andharivadale

mandru gopi, ponnur in Ap on 01-10-2014

anna, na unga fan.bcz, ungala pola nanu keyboard player dhan trichy. Unga song orchestra play pandren. Ungalta assistant work pananu my aim anna chance kudupingala anna? wait for 9751154707 anna. Nanu SC Dhan anna plz giv me chance anna.

gopi, trichy on 29-01-2014

am big fan of yuvan my heart is for u1

gowari shankar, bangalore on 24-02-2012

Iam ur big fan u1....pls do more effort to win more hearts....

Dhivakar, on 17-11-2013

My best and myfamily my friends heart meusic anytime&evreytime our life

gopinathpriya, ayanavAram on 22-12-2012

i would like to see you once in my life..i am great fan of yuvan. i can sing a song like you. i am always trying to sing your song those were sung by yuvan.. i want one change to sing a song in front of yuvan.

prabaharanv, chennai on 18-08-2012

you r yuvan i am yuvathi . oru mugam maraiya maru mugam theriya kannadi idhayam illai manam kai mudi marai vadilai i love yuvan. 1 req. pls give 1 chance 2 1 guy . his name s subash frm covai

yuvathi, chennai on 12-10-2013

Anna ungala oru vattina Pathu oru photo eduthudunam,romba naal wait panran ungala pakka Anna

Jagan, ponneri,chennai on 22-07-2014

U A SUPER MUSIC DERECTOR N SUPER SINGER.I LIKE UR SONG.YUVAN....................U A THE KING MUSIK MAKER....................................


Hai are the only music composer to compose very awesome music such as billa,billa 2,pattiyal,pudhupettai,billa theme,mankatha theme and also in every song.In thilalangadi, background music are awesome u1.Heart beat songs in paiyaa,etc.every music director speaks with sentence in songs,but u r the only musician to speak with only music.i like it very much.

J vickie, Kumbakonam on 19-06-2012

Yuvan great music director i like yuvan songs

Jeevitha, India on 05-08-2013


BILLA SARATH, GREAT on 10-05-2014

yuvan is king. yuvan shankar raja i love u bro... mucik is yuvan. yuvan is world. yuvan is nom one in world. yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan yuvan shankar raja is king king king ......... i love u bro

kalai, malaysia (kl) on 31-01-2013

Naan ungal theeviran rasigan.Ungal padalgal ellavatriyum kettu rasipen. kantha 2013 varudam ungal isail vantha entha padalkalum sevigalukku inimaiya illai . ( Anandha yazhai padal thavira) Nalla padalai tharuga.

KARUNIE AMARATHATHAN, Puducherry on 02-02-2014

i am your die hard fan of u1

karthik, on 01-01-2014

i love you so nuch yuvan

kavisharma, melur on 05-09-2014

iam very greatest fan of u .....!

cherry, yuvan on 21-07-2014

mestro yuvan you are rocking and keep it up , let you be on the top of all .

Dr. K. Ravikumar MD, Cuddalore on 06-01-2014


krishanth, srilanka on 14-05-2013

thalaivar na thalaivar dan.... singa yhoda pullanu prove panitinga. u are toooooooooo GREAT.

levin paul, pec collage karaikal.... on 26-05-2013

My soul for yuvan music.....yuvan the don of music......

logeiin, malaysia on 25-10-2013

My soul for yuvan music.....yuvan the don of music......

logein, ipoh on 25-10-2013

mr. yuvansankrraja yuor luky boy

m. eswaran, trichrappalli on 25-10-2013

i like your songs and u.i want to meet you, but i have no money to go overseas.

mala, shah alam on 04-05-2011

yuvan is rock star in tamil cinemas. ..

manibharathi , Chennai on 09-02-2014

yuvan has a chweeeeet melodious voice...

manjunath, on 03-12-2011

Sir I am or great fan , I listen to ur music only thank u for giving good and superb music in each and every film u are the no. 1 music director in Tamil industry

T.manohar, bangalore on 09-11-2014

i am a deadliest fan of "ILAYARAJA,(KING)" ..... but now i the deadliest and soulful fan of "YUVAN,(prince)"...... you taking all our hearts off... not hats off... hearts off to you YUVAN..... Do more films as your father and try to reach his place...... No one can replace his place except you....

RAKESH, pondicherry on 22-11-2013

i like and love him and his total family...fantastic combination with ajith

sathis kumar, goa on 08-06-2013

Sir really i like u very much I am ur fan sir and I am a song writer and I have singing talent. My dad was not allowing to make me to study music now I am studying in ksr clg in thiruchengode... My family background is poor Please help me sir please...... I want show my talent.... When words fail Music Speaks

D.Mohan babu (8012362560) , 2/15 east street parthibanur ( on 19-09-2014

Siŕ miru kiraak sir.i was a big fan of u .... ee madhya telugu songs knchm dispnt chesthunnaru

mouneesha gorle, hyderabad on 23-09-2014

Am big fan Youth star yuvan. Fantastic musician.

Subu, Covai on 01-12-2011

i lov u don.

MUGESH, nagapattinam on 30-04-2013

yuvan iam your fans iam not miss your filims your a music scientest background music god

nagarajan.r, coimbatore on 28-05-2014

im a big fan of how awesome song fantasic <3 love yuvan

nalini sivan, malaysia on 23-11-2012

Hi 'G'

naveen.c, villupuram on 04-07-2014

He is fantastic musician... His melody is heart melting

Naveen, Namakkal on 07-04-2011

your 100th movie biriyani I all the best little mostro YUVAN. by .naveen yuvan

naveen yuvan, chennai on 27-08-2012

Youth icon in music.i like u1 so much

Nizam maheen, on 25-01-2013

I do know english. 1 ly Tamil, "melum vetri padangalai kuvikka enathu vaazhthukkal

nivas, tuticorin on 15-11-2014


P.MANIVEL[YUVAN MANI], Kallakkurichchi on 15-07-2013

my heart is full of Yuvan... love u lot songs Yuvan..

ponnusamy, coimbatore on 27-05-2013

Yuvan Shankar Raja, The One

Arshad Seven, Colombo on 07-05-2011

indian best musical super star yuvan sanker raja

prakash , coimbatore on 15-06-2014

hi yuvan sir,iam ur bigest fan ,your etho ontru ennai thakka song in paiya very very feel song,

pravin, nagercoil on 30-03-2014

he is a trend setter.... no one can beat yuvan in kollywood.....

prithiviraj, vriddhachalam on 01-11-2012

yuvan is a don. he is my fav music king........... "DON" KU ELLAM DON YUVAN DA

priyan, vellore on 28-09-2014

yuvan the music raja little isainani i am ur big big fan without listening ur music and voice i wil not spnt my time u1 rocks ur my heart i love u u1 the king of music

raja , hosur on 02-02-2013

hai sir your music are very superb am your big fan. one day i will meet you and buy your autograph and your photo.

rajkumar, karur on 26-09-2012

HI U1,i want to meet you,i am your big fan, now days your music is very super, your songs are very cute...still i am hearing your album pudupettai

ramesh kumaravel, on 25-12-2013

hi yuvan anna i like ur music and ur voice, please thalapathyku oru film pannuga please...........................

ramkarthik, madurai on 23-01-2014

Hai yuvan sir ungaludaiya music eppothum super unga voice rompa super na unga big fan

bala, Devakottai on 05-07-2014


P.REVATHI, salem on 20-10-2013

Am very big fan of yuvn. Always hearing only yuvan songs.. Ur only heart beat.

rukmangathan, kumbakonam on 11-09-2011

your music is very nice.

umanath, salem (navalur) on 07-02-2013

i am big fan u r my heart is for u1

safi, tirupur on 02-09-2012

I am very big fan of yuvan. I love yuvan. Being yuvan fan...!


thala ,,,,,, u r great ,,, unga voice ku nan ADIMAI my fb name saravana balaji ysr

saravana, chennai on 29-10-2014

sir please next compose in ajith movie

sarathvino, chennai on 02-05-2014

Yuvan Iam ur die-hard fan of u.. No wonder u r son of a Musical GOD... awiting for ur hollywood projects!!!!. U ROCK Thala )

Saravana A Shankar, Bangalore on 17-03-2012

Yuvan music is my life . . . !

Sam, Karur on 13-11-2012

Am one of the most loveable fan to u1, I love u thala.....................U1

sathish u1, dharamapuri on 13-08-2014

yuvan is my heartbeat, yuvan no musics no, yuvan is one man army in music.

sathish, nagercoil on 02-06-2013

Hi Sir, You are the one and only trent maker in the world for any kind of music, U born to make music to us and we born to listen ur rocking music, Of course U are Little (Big) Mastro, i get feel better when i hear ur attractive voice, i wish you all the best to rock always Thalaiva

Hesan, Chennai on 25-10-2013

me and my husband nange rendu perume unge music ku adimai we are like your music

SATHYA, srivilliputtur on 10-07-2014

I like max. His Music plus his singing song.

Selvam, on 12-11-2012

yuvan is best hero......and super in all music songs.....

selvaraj, trichy.... on 20-08-2014

ilove you yuvan veryveryveryvery much

shalinisha, chennai on 16-01-2013

Yuvan ur my favorite music director wish u all the best

shiyana, sri lanka on 07-12-2012

yuvan can i get a chance to work with you

shiva, bangalore on 10-10-2013

i love yuvan music & particulrly, melody sons, like paiya,mangatha,billa2,deepavali.... i love yuvan & yuvan music only...whenever,,,

simbhu, on 16-11-2013

Hi yuvan. My most favourite musician u. I shared my feelings with your music . Great great . Your music touch my soul

Sindhu, Cuddalore on 31-03-2014

yuvan is my favourite music director ,thanks for all music and emotion in my life carrier...

siva, trichy on 08-12-2013

yuvan you r music very very super

Rajkumar, Chennai on 28-12-2013

yuvan my best music direct " isaiaruvi allathu isaiaaru yuvan shankar raja"

rajkumar, Avadi on 25-01-2014

Yuvan my heart beat.I luv ur music and voice. I wish u all the best for ur upcoming movies. Yuvan Shankar raja u1 of the music raja I want c u 1s in my life I am sharing my feelings with ur music.

sridhar, chittoor (A.P) on 25-11-2013

i like you yuvan

srinivasan , Chennai on 08-07-2013

yuvan is great music player I miss you and yuvan and A R Rahman best friendda irukunm all the best wish u yuvan

srinivasan.B, chennai saidapet on 21-07-2014

Also like and watch tv songs for yuvan anna

Mayilsamy s, Erode on 12-09-2014

Sir nan unga big fan nan ennudaiya amputation Film Director aaha num

Mayilsamy, erode on 16-04-2014

I am big fan you

Ragu, Ariyalur on 28-10-2014

I am great fan of yu1

Ragupathi, on 30-10-2014

hi yuvan this is suni iam ur great fan ur voice is very sweettttttttt and u look very cute and elegant

smily sunitha, bangalore on 21-07-2012

you are a great music director

syed, on 12-05-2011

yuvan today top la irukka music director neengatha.i like u.ur way of music very different

ashok kumar, tindivanam on 06-12-2012

There is no words to tell ........... only U1 the mass of music directors. I do practice yuvan voice. Gve me any chance plz . # 7708087220. ~yuvanian~

Thirupathi Trip yuvan , Chennai on 11-07-2014

i am a yuvanian and i m proud of being your fan

prasanna, villupuram on 19-05-2014

Yuvan rocks!!!!Musical prince..Little mastro.. The Rock Star....!!!!

Yuvanian, on 25-09-2011


u1manjunath, hosur on 02-10-2014

Hai, yuvan i like your music its very very nice hearing your fav song pogadhe and ninaithu ninaithu extremely pleasant its make me to forget my worries in my life.

Nila, TNR on 19-02-2014

yuvan music is great in world

udhay, coimbatore on 12-07-2013

Hai sir iam your big fan, i loking for acting chance sir you requre for me sir any director, any role sir please help me sir, cell-9790266526

Udhayakumar, Pantrui on 03-05-2014

For ever yuvan is rock :) i expect more from u ?

Balamurugan, Meenambakkam on 04-05-2012

i like yuvan love songs very very nice

muthu, on 24-08-2014

Yuvan i big fan of u i have one request yuvan pls join with selva he is my fav director in tamil industry ur combination is so so so so super

Venkat, Avadi on 25-04-2014


vignesh, madurai on 14-11-2014

hi god gift yuvan sir....i like ur style like ex ur standing style ...ur way of talking ,smiling and ext........dont worry for ur flops ..were all r there for u yuvan.....each and every day atlest onetime i ill think wowww what a man he is........all the best be rocking.......sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

little yuvan s.vignesh , coimbatore on 13-05-2014

i love yuvan.tala and yuvan always rocks.i am a big fan for yuvan and his voice.

balaji, on 07-06-2012

Yuvan sir ur big faan me....tell me ur cell number sirr plss.....ungaloda peariya peariyaaaa faan .................pls sir give me ur number sirt

Yuvanbharath @ vijaybharath, Ambattur chennai on 27-12-2013

I m great fan of yuvan.ur songs were always awesome.

Vineeth, Harur on 14-12-2012

yuvan my heat beat

vinoth, keyboard player on 02-08-2011

yuvan ungalutaya music enakku romba pittikum. pig project mattum pannunga please. u1 is bgm king

thala fan, pondy on 12-11-2013

Yuvan ur music always awesome ,and ur voice also

Kumaresh, on 15-06-2013

hai yuvan your all song any time hits yuvr young mestro.

sakthi, madhurathakam on 25-11-2012

Hi,yuvan. Now are u love song less.why

yeudasss, Chennai on 17-05-2014

Yuvan you voice is very cute i like song in sms oru kal oru kannadi

yashwanth(mech), chennai on 24-02-2013

Yuvan u r the love feelking song king . . . . And next isaijani yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvan

karthi, trichy on 18-08-2014

Yuvan you phone number plz

karthi, trichy on 07-08-2014

Lvy yuvan ROC music for yuvan

yuvankarthi, trichy on 08-07-2014

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