Velai Illa Pattathari (2014) Movie Details

Velai Illa Pattathari
வேலை இல்லா பட்டதாரி
Dhanush , Amala Paul & more
Rating: 3.4/10 from 1053 users

Velai Illa Pattathari Movie Reviews

A Jobless Young Man Gets To Redeem Himself
There are films that cater to the actor and there are films that cater to the star in Velayilla Pattathari Dhanush gets a film where he gets to showcase both sides ....

VIP Is A Rollicking Fun Ride
VIP is pure unadulterated masala laced with all essential ingredients that work with mass audiences Writer director and cinematographer R Velraj has made a dream debut with a perfect commercial mix ....

Pure Entertainment Film
Dhanush proves that he is a mass hero entertaining with his flawless comic timing and dialogue delivery He is equally competent in heart wrenching sequences and action scenes ....

VIP Presents A Grave Social Malaise
Dhanush that despite his recent box office disasters fans adore him and producers continue to hire him Dhanush is Dhanush making little attempt to vary his style ....

Dhanush s 25th Milestone Film
The movie moves at a scintillating pace with good dose of comedy punch dialogues and breezy romance but the same cannot be said post interval ....

VIP Complete Crowd Pulling Silver Jubilee
Samuthirakani gets a few scenes to show his solid acting prowess and the father son relationship is firmly established with strong dialogues Among the newcomers Hrishikesh as Dhanush s respectful younger brother passes muster while Amitash as the Amul Baby villain just can t hold himself agains....

Perfect Balance between Emotion & Mass Elements
It is fantastic to see Dhanush take this boy next door to mass hero mode and he has quite a few punchy lines he has a memorable breathless dialogue that is sure to be talked about The actor seems to know that this is his show and puts quite an effort into the role even though he has played such ....

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Velai Illa Pattathari Film Songs

Singers: Dhanush
Lyricist: Dhanush
Singers: Dhanush , Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush
Singers: Dhanush , S.Janaki
Lyricist: Dhanush
Singers: Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush
Singers: Anirudh
Lyricist: Dhanush

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Velai Illa Pattathari Story & Synopsis

The film begins with Raghuvaran (Dhanush) introducing himself as a graduate in Civil Engineering who is unemployed for 4 years and is just an idler in his house. He gets comically abused by his father (Samuthirakani) who feels that his son must get a job so as to survive and to feed his family. Raghuvaran is always compared to his younger brother, Karthik (Hrishikesh), who works in an IT company, earning a respectable salary. His mother, Bhuvana (Saranya Ponvannan) dotes on both of her sons and believes that Raghuvaran is talented and will get a job one day. Raghuvaran wants a job related to his field only and not work anywhere else (like call centres, software companies, banks etc). He is also unwilling to let go of his ethics as an engineer and is very straightforward in nature. He is also a member of a community group on Facebook called "VIP group", where he interacts with his members and friends about any job offerings. While returning home after having some fun with his friends from the "VIP group", he bumps into his neighbour's daughter, Shalini (Amala Paul), who escorts him back to his house. Although, she hates Raghuvaran at first, but after hearing about the difficulties he is facing from her mother, she develops a soft corner for him and, eventually, love blossoms between the two. One day, Raghuvaran's father and Karthik go to Chengalpattu on a personal note and Raghuvaran is asked to look after the house and his mother, who is a heart patient. But, he goes out on a date with Shalini, which his mother secretly finds out and lets him go. Shalini tells Raghuvaran to return home and look after his mother, when phone calls from home keep interrupting their date. On returning home, he finds that his mother died of a heart attack. Raghuvaran is shocked and depressed by these turn of events that he doesn't speak to his father and to his brother for 3 months and neither do they speak to him and are angry with him for being irresponsible. He makes up his mind to be responsible and goes to every office for getting a job in his field and his appearance changes and he begins to wear glasses due to short sightedness. However, things turn in Raghuvaran's favour when a surprise visit comes in the form of Anitha (Surabhi) and her father, the chairman of a very big engineering company in Chennai. Anitha is a chain smoker who developed lung cancer and had to undergo a lung transplant and that it was Raghuvaran's mother's lungs, which were donated after her death, that saved Anitha's life. As a token of his gratitude, Anitha's father offers Raghuvaran a job in construction engineering at his company, to which Raghuvaran heartily accepts on the condition that Anitha doesn't smoke ever again, to which Anitha agrees. He thereafter looks upon Anitha like his own mother. Raghuvaran is offered a job on buying a land used for a government project to construct high-rise flats for the people living in a nearby slum area to live in. Azhagusundaram (Vivek) is appointed as his assistant along with Manickam (Cell Murugan), Azhagusundaram's colleague and assistant. He successfully buys the land and begins work on it immediately. Azhagusundaram is initially jealous of Raghuvaran, as he, an experienced man, is an assistant to a rookie. He also sees Anitha and Shalini with Raghuvaran and suspects that he is a flirt and asks about this to him. When Raghuvaran reveals the truth about Anitha and Shalini, Azhagusundaram immediately apologises to him and befriends him. Things go well until trouble arises in the form of Arun Subramaniam (Amitash Pradhan), a businessman who rejected Raghuvaran's application for a job at his company earlier. He is furious that he couldn't get the land and tries to thwart Raghuvaran's progress. Raghuvaran finds out that the bricks used or construction are of low quality and replaces them with high quality bricks. He finds out that the low quality bricks come from Varadarajan, one of Arun's henchmen. Another obstacle is when the supervisor builds the building not according to Raghuvaran's blueprint plan and finds out that Arun has bribed the supervisor into doing this and demolishes the buildings and starts from scratch. Arun hatches a plan to bribe all the supervisors to not participate in the construction process in return for Arun granting them double the salaries they are getting at presnt and also top positions in his company. Raghuvaran and Azhagusundaram are shocked to find that there are no supervisors in the labourers camp. The labourers themselves decide to help Raghuvaran in finishing the job. But, Raghuvaran finds out that he needs more men. So, he asks his "VIP group" members on Facebook to help him finish the job. They appear in numbers, much to Raghuvaran's and Azhagusundaram's astonishment. Finding no other way to stop it, Arun hires rowdies to beat up everyone working there. Everyone gets beaten up and land up in hospital for treatment. Raghuvaran, wishing to end this, goes directly to Arun's office and politely asks Arun's father that Arun must apologize for what he did. When his father refuses Raghuvaran's request and dares him to slap his son, Raghuvaran does so. Arun's father says that Raghuvaran's actions were recorded on a CCTV camera, to which Raghuvaran replies that, by using a Jammer, he made sure no surrounding electronic devices would operate and using a HD camera hidden in his pen, he recorded a video uptill the point before he slapped Arun and that the recorded video copy has already reached his "VIP group" members. He then threatens Arun's father that if his son doesn't apologize, a copy of the recorded video would be sent to the press and police and he would personally upload a copy of it on YouTube, and leaves soon after. Not wanting to get his name and reputation tarnished, Arun's father sends his son to the hospital to apologize, which he does. Raghuvaran accepts the apology and the building is completed within 10 months. On the day of inauguration, while Raghuvaran is on his way to the place, he gets ambushed by Arun, who wants to avenge his humiliation, and a gang of rowdies. However, Raghuvaran makes mincemeat of them and humbles Arun by switching Arun's shirt with his own and taking Arun to the site on his bike, much to the amazement of everyone present at the site. There the building is inaugurated by the district minister and by Anitha. Raghuvaran and his "VIP group" members pose for a still and throw their engineering caps in celebration. The film then ends there with the tagline, "Dedicated to all engineering students, graduates and VIPs" From Wikipedia

Velai Illa Pattathari Fan Review (114)

amma amma andha songs super iruku i lv so much.

viji, chennai on 14-08-2014

Hai sir neenga romba nalla act pantringa ongaloda movie ellam enaku romba pidikum. na ongaloda big fan.

piraichudan, vedaranyam on 09-08-2014

I m a big frnd of u Dhanush...U r my fvrt hero ever....Good job

Mon, Guwahati on 02-08-2014

mega hit movie vip

sathishbabu, gingee on 28-07-2014

Sir iam is your favourite fan iwould like to meat you

Rajesh, Kallakurchi,villupuram on 28-07-2014

hi dhanush anna na uga vip padam patha anaku rombo pudichu iruku padam supero super

bhuvana, chennai on 27-07-2014

nice film songveery bad

cdaran, chennai on 24-07-2014

simply that story was very very super story

m.k.jhoney stark, location(d) on 24-07-2014

Vanakkam Anna i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu im ur big big big fan of u.. Anna...ennaku ungala rmpa pidikum I like your act i like youuuu

Kezia, ernakulam on 24-07-2014

hai, dhanush iam your big fan.please you send me the appointment date. already more fans told, but plz you meet one time.please bro

kamal, pattukkottai on 23-07-2014

what a flim

THIRU, palladam on 22-07-2014

Hi "DHANUSH" sir i am the biggest fan of u. I can see all of u films in first day first show.Conformed "VIP" going to the 100th day and getting to many "AWARDS". I had a story for u sir. That is very adventuring sir. The story title is "OLYMPIC OR VILLAIYADIPAR." This is my mobile no : 7200926626, 7708777393

Barchi, karakikudi on 22-07-2014

semma mass

sanjeeth , on 22-07-2014

i like your film................

Devabala, avadi on 21-07-2014

I like this film because songs are very awesome especially AMMA AMMA NE YENGA AMMA & PO INDRU NEEYAGA this two songs are love it

shahin, karur on 20-07-2014

HI Dhanush sir neenga engala mari be manavargalukaga intha padam nadichirukeenga intha padam ungaloda vera stageku kotitu poga poguthu .realy proud to be a dhanush fan.

kumar, mayiladuthurai on 20-07-2014

mass hit I like it very much

badthri, rajapalayam on 20-07-2014

the greatest national award winner film has mass hit of VIP so todays dhanush day

manoj, hai on 18-07-2014

thalaiva na ungaloda mega periya fan unga padam ennakku pidikum

mathavan, ramnad on 18-07-2014

hi danush sir enaku ungala rompa pidikkum ungaloda ovoru movieum na pakkama irunthathey illa.. iam waiting for ur VIP film..

punitha, sendurai on 18-07-2014

Hi Dhanush anna iam ur big fan.. love u lot...!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see u anna.. All d best for your all Upcmng films....

Dinesh 73 , Chennai on 03-07-2014

thalaiva nan ungaloda big fan oru murai nan ungala patha pothum sir enacku ellandhathu ellam kitachamathiri eruckum sir vip movieckaga kathiruckiren thalaiva

mathan, kottur on 03-07-2014

i am really thanks to dhanush sir because all songs are super duper except AMMA AMMA SONG very super .i felling happy about you and the song.i am also UPCOMING VIP. i am waiting for see the film.

JEEVAGAN, pollachi on 02-07-2014


SUHAIL, salem on 18-06-2014

iam thala fan ana enaku vip sng pidiciruku

vicky, tirunelveli on 04-06-2014

iam thala fan ana enaku vip sng pidiciruku

vicky, tirunelveli on 04-06-2014

Hii im dhanush fan im most welcome velai illa pattathari

anand, annu143 on 29-05-2014

hi dhanush thalaiva ungaloda best&big fan yannoda aim coming movie velaiyilla pattathari movie hit aganum thalaiva kadavulukitta pray pangira... boy thala

venkatesh, krishnakiri on 18-04-2014

hi anna i m ur biggest fans ....pls anna VIP ah release panugana i m waiting ....anna na ungakuda one photo yedukanumna pls anna..... at least cal paniyavathu pesuga pls my no 9894913447 By Bala kutty

Bala Kutty, Madurai on 15-04-2014

anna,u so awesome....i like u so much the world im is the biggest fan ,.i love anna anirudh i love u so much

saraswathy, on 12-04-2014

Hi bro na ungalioda thevera fan bro nega nadicha.thirda thirdi. movie paththula irunthu na ungaloda rasegan.and iam waiting for vip movie and angen and aruva..and Title name vaiga bro polladhavan dhanush are idhya thirudan dhanush....

Sudharsan , kanchipuram on 04-04-2014

thalaiva unga ealla patamum na pathu iruka itha movie supera irukum na asa patara patathata name enaku pudichi irukapa thank u god + u

dhanagaraj, pondicherry on 27-03-2014

I am waiting for vip movie. All songs is very nice.

Sridhar, Kovilpatti , thoothukudi (D) on 24-03-2014

anna unga padathukku wait pannuraen

veerakumar, tiruppur on 17-03-2014


kumaresh dme, ARNI on 09-03-2014

Thala ungaludiya vip movie eppa relice

Raja, Dhanush on 05-03-2014

i am your bigggggggest fan

inthresh, coimbatore on 01-03-2014

i am waiting for vip...

Dhinesh kumar, trichy on 25-02-2014

Ilv dhanush ..... all the best ... intha padam oduna na romba santhosapaduva

shankar, 17241994 on 23-02-2014

Dhanush anna ennakku unnga kitta pitichatha unnga funk hair style than athai adthudatinga athukkaga unngala pidikathunnu ninaikathinga naan unnaludiya varvaya pokkum kathadi by : alappara boys d eee students 1 y h vmit a ingur n erode u tamilnadu s india h asia kandam

sararth kutty, erode city on 23-02-2014

Hai dhanush iam ragu u rabaa poodikum

ragu, 9742607251 on 22-02-2014

Hi dhanush sir na unga biggest fan pls tanjore vaanga oru scene aachum tanjore edunga sir kandipaa ungala pakura chance enaku kidaikum... Pls pls pls...

Marimuthu, Tanjore on 21-02-2014

hai dhanush sir i am your bigest only one req pls direct in one movie in tamil

GOVINDAN.H, chennai on 20-02-2014

All the songs was written by dhanush!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite numbers are amma amma, Udhuganda sangu & po indru neeyagga................... I am waiting for the dhanush 25th film to be watched in big screen...........

appurajann, on 20-02-2014

dhanush anna ungala pathu oru thadava pesanum.enaku ungala rmba pidikum anna...i love you padura sng ah enaku rmb pidikum unga padam ellathayum 1st show pathuruven anna.3 film my fav la 10thadava pathuruken anna.udamba pathukonga anna.amma va anni ah ketatha solunga anna....ungala pakanum i m waiting anna...

pradeep dhanaa, theni district bodi nayakanur on 17-02-2014

another wonderful master this duos...superb rely love dhanush acting singing..and not to forget his lyrics..hope all the future undertakings...will..suceed

priya, malaysia on 16-02-2014

hai:) pls act action flim. By:) kumar vip

kumar, on 16-02-2014

hi dhanush sir naa ungaloda die hard fan. Ungolada ela movie la yum songs romba nalla irukum but vip songs dan best adulayum amma song super ah iruku ; neenga inum neraya paatu paadi engala sandosha padutanga ; thank you :)

keerthi, chennai on 15-02-2014

Hai anna I ur biggest fan from the movie of 3.u r very beautiful expression of love .I m waiting for ur 25th movie vip.

sasi, tambaram on 15-02-2014

hi dhanush i love u so much sir na unga big big fan ungala rpmba romba pidikum sir

abarna, madurai on 15-02-2014

dhanush anna romba nalla padathil neegal act pandriga annal padam oda mattudhu adhanal nangal romba feal pandrom valakam poal nadikammal pudhusa jollya kalkalappa nadikana. award ellam veandam ini fans-kaga nadika...........................

karthik, salem on 14-02-2014

dhanush anna romba nalla padathil neegal act pandriga annal padam oda mattudhu adhanal nangal romba feal pandrom valakam poal nadikammal pudhusa jollya kalkalappa nadikana. award ellam veandam ini fans-kaga nadika.padam odavellai endral ungalukum mattum feeling illai ungallai sartha engalukum feeling than.pera nadikar rasikargal engalai keendal pannuvarkal. sol idhai mandhil vaithiu nalla jollyana padam tharungal ...........................

karthik, coimbatore on 14-02-2014

dhanush anna romba nalla padathil neegal act pandriga annal padam oda mattudhu adhanal nangal romba feal pandrom valakam poal nadikammal pudhusa jollya kalkalappa nadikana. award ellam veandam ini fans-kaga nadika.padam odavellai endral ungalukum mattum feeling illai ungallai sartha engalukum feeling than.pera nadikar rasikargal engalai keendal pannuvarkal. sol idhai mandhil vaithiu nalla jollyana padam tharungal

karthik, coimbatore on 14-02-2014

Dhanush fans

suresh, tiruvannamalai on 14-02-2014

dhanush anna ungala orae oru thadava meet panna pothum pls nenga sivakasi vanga

Mari, sivakasi on 14-02-2014

HI...HI...anna i am ur brother . Dhanush in (V I P ) Rasikar Mandra thalaivar madhan riyas in salem ... all your filems success i know very well bro ... Thank you

Madhan riyas, salem on 14-02-2014


Vasantha geetha, Yercaud, salem(dt) on 11-02-2014

Hi machi .how r u. I think velaiilla pattathari movie hit of the filim. The filim trailar is very nice machi. I am ur big fan. I am told machi u dont like means i am really sory Gg mor. This movie hit filim aaga my best wishses machi.

Ramkarthik, india on 11-02-2014

hiiii am waiting for velai illa pat

lakshmi, chennai on 08-02-2014

My dearrrrrr thala Dhanush....

Siraj, chennai on 08-02-2014

Hi dhanush i love u anna ungala one time pakanum photo edukanum ana en asai na unga vip padathuka wait panaran yena engala mathiri vip ku elam oru example movie nenga solirukinga ana

Karthi, Rasipuram on 08-02-2014

Hello Sir, ungaloda pollathavan flim enaku romba pudikum ..........................ungaloda VIP kaga iam waiting..............

tharan, chennai on 08-02-2014

i am waiting songs for valai ila pat.......

lingam, trichy on 07-02-2014

Hi my friend how r you ....i like your acting & singing ...i love u sooo much.....

thangadurai, chidambaram on 06-02-2014

Anna na unga fan na plz i want 2 act on onther film anna plz indha film hit ahgunu anna by polladhavan

Ajithsandhìya, on 03-02-2014

Hai Dhanush your biggest fan i...

Nizam, Villupuram on 02-02-2014

Hi Dhanush, na ungaloda thevira fan. ungala enaku romba romba pudikum. en oorla ena ellarum polladhavannu tah kupuduvanga. uanga mela na paithyama iruka, oru thadavayavathu ungala pakanum,

Bharathi, coimbatore on 27-01-2014

dhanush sir your my life , my relation ,

johnson, chennai , , ennore , , ernaavo on 20-01-2014

movie super hit aka anaimalai fance club valthu kirom!!! by mohammedmeeran aravinth surendar mani asar

mohammedmeeran, gmail on 15-01-2014


Nissar ahamed, Porayar on 15-01-2014

na unga fan unga padam release ana first day vay pathuruva entha padam hittaganum

nandha, cbe on 13-01-2014

im ur big big big fan of u dhanush sir im waiting for ur vip film and song all the best for ur upcuming film hands off u thalaiva by DILLIDHANUSH

DILLI KUMAR, chennail on 11-01-2014

i wait for ur movie dhanush

manikandan, salem on 10-01-2014

I like "DHANUSH"

Raja pradeep, Kanyakumari on 10-01-2014

Hi dhanush Anna na unga big fan.

manikarthi, Salem on 09-01-2014

danush i am big fan of u you only the next superstar and the indian actor kingdom best wishes of ur velaiillapatathari iam waiting for ur movie

sundar, coimbatore on 09-01-2014

sathanai nayakanae. . . ! Nee meendum saathikka solli vaalthum . . ., ungalai pol saathikka ninaikkum sullan peter.

sullan peter, sathankulam{tirunelveli} on 09-01-2014

Dhanush sir I SALUTE YOU sir. engalla neraia perukku neenga thaa ROLE MODERN. salute sir salute salute.neenga innum neraia award vaanganum.atha naa paarkanum.

vetrivelmurugan, Tisaiyanvillai{tirunelveli} on 09-01-2014

Hai Thala dhanush na unga fan thenkodila irukura fan i love u very much dhanush


I am waiting for thalaivar in VIP song.........kanazhaga

jagatheesh , on 07-01-2014

Ungala romba podikkum ungala mathiri hear style tha na vachirukka neenga funk vachirunthingana roomba supera eruppinga naanum vealai ellama tha suthikittu erukka seekirama audio realise pannunga

Raghu, dubai on 07-01-2014

i love u dhanus.i am ur big big of u.i saw you1st time in erode.u r so sweet and simple.i see 3 movie weekly 3 time.i love u so much dhanussssss......

shanth, attur(thidavur) on 07-01-2014

Dhanush neenga tha enaku inspiration. i want to be an actor like you. Please wish me to become an actor like you.

Pradeep, Coimbatore on 06-01-2014

Aadukala naayaganuku adutha award ready ! :-) wana c u bro, b4 my heartbeat stops :-)

Vinoth, on 06-01-2014

hi mass nenga real hero dha apro unga movie la sema so I am waiting

manoj, tirupur on 05-01-2014

Am waiting for vip am huge fan of dhanush

Rajkumar, chennai on 05-01-2014

dhanush Anna...ennaku ungala rmpa pidikum I like your act and smile kandipa velai illa pattathari 100 nalaiku Mela odium...

jammu, kadayanallur on 05-01-2014

Call me Dhanush fans

Raja, Tiruvannamalai on 05-01-2014

super thala

hemkumar, redhills on 05-01-2014

Hai dhanush ,unga theevira rasigan naan na ungala oru thadavaiyavathu paakanum en oouru villupuram district kallakurichi

Raghu, dubai on 04-01-2014

Thalaiva i am waiting to ur nxt movie.we are the winners thalaiva.neenka nadikanum naan paarkanum,

mohandhas, nagercoil on 04-01-2014

Ilaya superstar dhanush anna.i am your very very biggest fan.i am waiting for your 25th flim vellaiyilladha roll model is you dhanush anna neenga madurai vanthingana tvs nagar,kovalan nagar 2nd street vanga anna.unga koda oru flim na nadekanum please anna

Naresh, Madurai on 03-01-2014

anna your best fan

sathish, suber on 03-01-2014


jamal dhanush, virudhunagar on 02-01-2014

nalla varouvingada

imthiyas, ampare-sammanthourai on 01-01-2014

Anna yapadi na irukiga velai illatha patathari wight ting na 25 movice first look photos semmathiya irukuna

Sarathkumar, Vellore on 28-12-2013

hai dhanush sir you best fan you movie velai illa pattathari vengai anegan wish a happy movie successfully sir

p sakthivel , sakthivel www , com on 27-12-2013

Neenga edukura film hit avaa ennoda valthukal

Ananth, sirkali on 27-12-2013

Hai dhanush anna 25th velaiyila pattathary film 100 day ok i am biggest fan very sucessfly i am chennai anna ok..... ALL THE BEST WISE

Mani jack, on 26-12-2013

Thalaiva yappo thalaiva varuva sikeram va thalaiva am waiting

Saran Dhanush, Chennai on 20-12-2013

Super hit...

Gowtham, on 20-12-2013

I am waiting for your next movie from vip fans, Sirkali kdl on 20-12-2013

Iam ur biggest fan...entha padam release aanalum college cut adichitu poi parthuduven bro....ur acting s vry nice the bst fr ur upcmng films

Tamizh danush, Kallakurichi on 19-12-2013

Brother, pudhupettai mari innoru flim nadinga pls. Enaku nenga dhan role model

Sampath, Chennai on 19-12-2013

Dhanush Anna i am ur biggast fan anna i like u very nuch anna en life mudiyarathukulla na ungala oru vattiyavadhu pakanum so come 2 ur defans colany pls anna

Surya Raam, Chennai,EKKATUTHANGAL on 15-12-2013

dhanush anna unga padam ,nenga padura patu,yellathaium athigama rasikira rasigarla nanum oruthan .ungala velai ella pattadhari padathula paka waite pannitu erukan....... un kirukalum kavithai aaguthu........... un ularalum patu aauthu....... un nadipu yennai un rasiganakuthu....... by raj

rajesh r, krishnagiri on 11-12-2013

Dhanush pls unga pesonal number my mail id ku sent panni vidunga.i love dhanush.

IBRAHIM, tirupur on 08-12-2013

dhanush anna iam your big fan waiting for vip

sundar, sattur on 03-12-2013


M.DILEEP, chittoor (AP)state on 03-12-2013

thala i am u r biggest fan this movie runing successfully varanum my wishes for u dhanush anna!!!

sridhar, hosur on 02-12-2013

Dhanush fan

rajesh, chennai on 01-12-2013

We are waiting to watch the velai elladha pattadhari film and give the best wishes to big hits

M.S.Raja and Ayyappa n, Nagari AP on 28-11-2013

hai dhanush i am your fan i like u come to tiruttani naga ungala pakanum pls come tiruttani temple

dilli babu, tiruttani on 21-11-2013

Pollathavan Thanush

Pollathavanprabu, Pollathavan Thanush next New p on 17-11-2013

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