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Balu Mahendra
Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
Azhiyadha Kolangal ( Tamil )
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Biography - Balu Mahendra

Balanathan "Balu" Mahendran is an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, and cinematographer widely regarded as part of the first in a wave of directors and screenwriters from the Chennai film industry who revitalised Tamil cinema. He initially developed an early interest in photography.

A cinematography graduate and a gold medalist from the FTII in Pune. He started his film career as a cameraman for the Malayalam film Nellu in 1974, which earned him the best cinematographer award from the Government of India. He has been chosen as the best cinematographer for as many as ten films. He pioneered innovative camera style for colour in South India.

Being a Tamilian, his first film as a director was Kokila, a Kannada film, which earned him a National Film Award. Azhiyatha Kolanagl (1979) was his first directorial venture in Tamil. He is considered as one of the few film makers in Tamil who can tell a story visually. He writes the script for his films, handles the camera and edits the film himself, thus retaining a firm control over his creative output.

He worked mainly in Malayalam for directors like K. S. Sethumadhavan and P. N. Menon, before making his first film in Kannada, and then moving on to direct films in Tamil and Malayalam languages.

He made his first Hindi Film Sadma,which is a remake of his own Tamil film Moondram Pirai with Kamal Hasan and Sridevi. This film is supposed to be one of the finest films made by him. The film superbly captures the emotions involved in the relationship between the two main characters. He made another Hindi film, Aur Ek Prem Kahani which was about the love affair between a young man and his maid told in a realistic and simple manner. He has directed a malayalam movie Yatra which was remade in Tamil.

Mahendra is said to have witnessed the shooting of David Leans The Bridge on the River Kwai and was so impressed that he decided to become a filmmaker.The film director Mani Ratnam approached Mahendra to work on the cinematography of his first Kannada film, Pallavi Anu Pallavi. It has been reported that he almost refused to work with Ratnam whom he perceived as a novice at that time. He has since been quoted as admiring Ratnam for his infectious enthusiasm.He never hesitated to work with Ratnam when Ratnam approached him. Instead he agreed to do the film enthusiastically when Ratnam met him and narrated the story to him.

Mahendras strength as a cinematographer has helped him use visuals as an effective vehicle to carry the story forward.he has revolutionized cinematography in Tamil cinema, He has handled social issues like red tapism, corruption and old age in films like Sandhya Raagam. The women in his films come out strongly as can be seen in Veedu (Tamilzh).

Balu Mahendra Fans Reviews (21)

I love all films and photoghraphy

k.vel , villupuram on 14-12-2015

ஐயா நான் SRM sivaji Ganesan film tech -ல் முதலாம் ஆண்டு படிக்கிறேன் உன் unit -ல் என்னை ஒரு tea boy ah vathu எனக்கு ஒரு வாய்ப்பு குடுக்கும் முன்பு ஏன்??? ஐயா நீ இந்த உலகத்தை விட்டு சென்றாய்

jagan, chennai on 19-02-2015

Balu Mahendra is very good Directory, i like hes all film particularly moonram pirai & vanna vanna pookkal.

kajen, srilanka on 12-11-2011

good photo

p.manivannan, phot g on 09-05-2012

hai my guru plz make with new filmof this generation then i like ningal kettavai and i become a future director i remake with ningal kettavai. . .

karthi, chennai on 26-08-2011

பாலு மகேந்திரா கலை வரலாறு பற்றி பல முறை ஒரு சில காலம் வரை தொடர்ந்து அவர் ஆதிக்கம் செலுத்தி வந்தார் என்றும் அவர் பெயர் வாழும்

parthipan, namakkal on 25-03-2016

Sir I need a chance to make ur movie .... And I now a Hindi ... Tamil. .....and English also and I finished my actor course also sir

Bharath vaishnav, chennai on 30-11-2015

ippa irukura padam ellam avara pathuthan edukuranga unmaiyave so ippo irukura padatha like panravanga ellam avar padatha like panra matri

annathanaprabu.v, agaram,vellore on 08-12-2015

When tamil &telugu cinema are doing dramas

pradeep shakthi, on 04-04-2014

respected please you can come now and give good filimsfor the young genaration ..

Rajaselvam Ramalingam, Chennai Tamilnadu on 24-08-2012

My ambition was I cant able to live without him(great balu mahendra sir)...thats it

Ramesh Maruthanayagam, Chennai on 29-01-2013


santhoshkumar.r, denkanikotta on 09-02-2014

want new flim illyaraja,femiler actors

karthike, coimbatore on 04-04-2011

Legent of indian film industry. Heartly wish 4 ur long life....!

K. RAJKUMAR, Salem on 06-09-2012

i want a film from u pairing with ilayaraja. the upcoming film of yours should be in such a manner how a film should be, photography, dialogue deliveries,casting,bgm etc... world should realise a living legend " balu magendra " is back after 6 years from "adhu oro kanakalam "

surender, on 12-05-2011

Its a very bad time of cinema of losing such a director!!!!!

taralyasasha, karur on 15-02-2014

I like all films but particular @@@ moonram pirai. Viidu superub movie

KARTHIK RENU, sangarapuram on 07-01-2015

Balu Mahendra was a legend in the Indian film world. The film world has lost a great personality.

Thilliar Varnakulasingham, New Zealand on 06-03-2014

Balu Mahendra was a legend. He was a great achiever. He created history. He lived ahead of time. He was an outstanding director and a cinematographer. His death is a great loss to the film industry in India. May his soul rest in peace.

Thilliar Varnakulasingham, New Zealand on 17-02-2014

I really love nireshana movie in Telugu very much. and I saw the film nireshana more than 30times u are very great director sir hats off to you for giving such wonderful movie

govind , guntur on 17-02-2016

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