Ram’s Taramani has been raising eyebrows among the adolescent for its striking storyline and solid substance which happens to be a space open for civil argument.

The teaser begins off with a platitude from the Thirukkural. It moves onto a facetime discussion featuring Anjali which is clever, practical and in the meantime, addresses the methods for the general population of this current period. The teaser might seem to target the IT industry and it’s corporate ways in particular, especially because of it’s title which is the IT hub of Chennai.

The main teaser itself had some truly solid verses that were near reality. Likewise, this one too mirrors the same.

All in all, Taramani’s second teaser is a treat for the lion’s share who are stuck in the middle of social contrasts and have a considerable measure of things to ask to this general public. Taramani sure is a movie to watch out for!