Khaidi No.150‘ marks the arrival of Chiranjeevi, who pulls off the liberal dosage of masala-loaded account in his fashion style.

At the point when a whiz like Chiranjeevi comes back to the screen, the film is mounted to satisfy numerous criteria — he needs to attempt and move the way he used to in his more youthful days, he needs punch exchanges, and he needs to thump no less than 100 individuals.

Coming back to Khaidi No 150, Chiranjeevi stars as Seenu, a convict, who winds up in Hyderabad in the wake of getting away from a jail in Kolkata. He wants to leave to Bangkok; but, at the air terminal, he chances upon Lakshmi (Kajal Agarwal) and goes gaga for her. One night, he prevents a bundle of goons from murdering a man, who ends up being Shankar (also played by Chiranjeevi). Whatever is left of the story is the thing that happens when Seenu has Shankar’s spot.

The bend in the story emerges when Seenu discovers that the man(Shankar) he spared is the correct look a like of him. He shrewdly sends back Shankar to imprison in his place and quietly enters his life to acquire more cash.

At the heart of this film is a story that merits consideration. Agriculturists very nearly surrendering their property see a promise of something better when Shankar, a hydrology graduate, demonstrates to them the likelihood of water assets.

There, he comes to realize such Shankar’s reality is hopeless as he is the main man who is helping the oppressed farmers of his town. Steamed at this, Seenu chooses to claim Shankar’s issues and dispatches a tremendous battle against the corporate organizations that are behind this.

As opposed to Shankar’s clear strategies, Kaththi Seenu utilizes propriety and strength to go up against corporate may and close by, draw the consideration of urban tenants. The film additionally makes a remark on media and its craving for something exciting. Inside the all around expected story, there are yawning holes and expansive remarks of all corporates being malicious.

On the whole, Khaidi No 150 is a Typical Mass Entertainer.