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Kallukul Iram
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Biography - VijayaShanthi

Vijayashanti is a politician and an Indian actress. She acted in over 185 movies in seven languages including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. She was born in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India on 24 June 1966. She is credited as The Lady Superstar and The Action Queen of Indian Cinema.

Vijayashanti, whose given name was Shanti, is a politician and is the elected MP from the Medak constituency in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Prior to joining politics in 2004, she was a leading actress in Telugu and Tamil films. She began her acting career in 1979 at the age of 13 as the leading lady in the Tamil film Kallukkul Eeram directed by the legendary Tamil film-maker Bharati Raja. The same year, she debuted in her native Telugu with the movie Kilaadi Krishnudu, pairing opposite superstar Krishna. For the first few years, she portrayed mostly glamour roles. Notable among them is her role in the Telugu film Satyam-Shivam (1981), the cast of which included the two legends of Telugu Cinema - NTR and ANR.

Vijayashantis first break as a performer came in the 1983 Telugu film Neti Bharatam directed by T. Krishna. The next few years saw her in performance-oriented roles (Desamlo Dongalu Paddaaru, Vandemaataram, Pratighatana, Aruna kiranam, Repati Pourulu, Devalayam, etc), and in glamorous roles (Challenge, Desodhdhaarakudu, Pasivaadi Praanam, Muddula Krishnaiah, Agni Parvatam, Gang Leader etc). By 1985 she was exclusively acting in Telugu films.

In the blockbuster movie Karthavyam (1990), her electrifying performance as a tough cop (modeled after real-life supercop Kiran Bedi) won her the National Film Award from Indian Government and an Andhra Pradesh State award for best actress. The success of this movie saw her moving away from glamorous roles and limiting herself to tough lady roles. These tough lady roles made her a Superstar and became the highest paid actor in Telugu. In 1990, Kartavyam was dubbed into Tamil as Vijayanthi IPS and its success brought her superstardom in Tamil cinema as well. (It was also remade in Hindi as Tejaswini, with herself playing the lead role. As expected, Tejaswini did very well at the Hindi box-office). Though she limited herself to acting in Telugu movies, it did not stop her from being treated as a highly rated heroine in Tamil films. Following the success of Vijayanthi IPS, the producers of her films began releasing Tamil versions of her movies simultaneously with the Telugu Movies.

She was treated as one of the superstars in the telugu cinema. Her image as a superstar so outgrew that of her male counterparts that no top hero was willing to act in her movie for the fear of being sidelined. She once joked in an interview, when asked of the difference between her and the other heroes: There arent many differences. One is, they dance around the trees with heroines imported from Bombay and I dance around trees with heroes imported from Bombay. The other difference is, when in a slump, they can try a remake from other languages but I dont get a subject to remake, and also they normally save heroines from the hands of villain and she usually save the heroes from the hands of villains.

Limiting herself to heroine-oriented films did not stop her from continuing as Number One. Between 1990 and 2000, she acted in films like Police-Lockup, Rowdy Inspector, Shatruvu, Mondi Mogudu - Penki Pellaam, Tejaswini, Mannan and Osey Ramulamma. Osey Ramulamma broke several box-office records, and won her, her 4th Andhra Pradesh State award for Best Actress (called Nandi Award for Best Actress) in 1997. In 1995, she acted in Malayalam opposite action superstar Suresh Gopi in the film Yuvathurki directed by Bhadran and Co-produced by Amitabh Bachchan. The film though was an action thriller, was only moderately received. Her latest film is Nayudamma, which was released in August 2006, after two years in production finally went to moderate reception. In her long career as a heroine, she has acted in over 165 films. No other actress except Sri Devi and Ramya Krishnan in Indian cinema has lasted for as long a period without turning to maternal roles! At 44, she remains very fit, and may return to the screen with yet another superlative performance.

Two of her very close friends are Suhasini Mani Ratnam who has been instrumental in improving her hair dressing skills and her competitor Radha , with whom she shares special friendships. In fact, in one of the interviews to a Telugu magazine, Vijayashnathi has mentioned that she considers Suhasini as her elder sister who has been protective of her in her difficult times.

In 1997, she started her political career by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Soon she was made the secretary of BJPs Womens Wing (Bharateeya Mahila Morcha). During the 1999 Indian general elections, she was named BJPs contestant from the Cuddapah Lok Sabha seat against Sonia Gandhi of Congress(I) (however, she withdrew from the race after Sonia Gandhi decided to contest from Bellary). She started her own political party, Talli Telangana, which merged into Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in January 2009.

From 1999 her movie appearances decreased as she focused on her political career. By 2004, she had stopped signing new films. In 2009 General Election of 15th Lok Sabha she won Medak seat.

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hyd ilu

raja, on 29-06-2013

i like viyay shanthi she is my favarite heronee from telegu filim actor i want meet her take one snapshot

abdul kaleem, saudi arabia on 03-04-2014

Vijaya Shanthi Garu Your Husband is very very very lucky fellow because he got beautiful & dynamic wife

addepallisivakumar, on 25-08-2014

haiiiiiiiiii vijayasanthi madam i loveeeeeeeeee uuuuuuu sooooo much. i likeeeeeeeee uuuuurrrrrr flim very very much. in your act i like 2 movieeeeessssssss very much and that movie name vijayasanthi I.P.S, Manan i seeeeeeeee that movie 100 time and lot. u r only the lady superstar all over india. na ungala narula one time nachi pakanum. i will did it mam :-) :-)

ahilasanthi, tamailnadu on 05-12-2013

She is nice and beautiful and she is very looking in police dress. I like vijayashanthi karthyavyam movie.

aruna, kadapa on 05-04-2013

I like his movies,bravery,intelligence,social commitments etc

arun mohan, kerala,ernakulam on 05-09-2012

madam aap ka jevan aap ke vicharose gujara hai aap Nagpur me 23march ko aane wali hai to muze bohat khushi huye magar afsos aap nahi aaye madam mai "all india farwad bloc" me Netaji subhash chandra Bose ke vicharose prerit ho kar unke army ka hisa hu jaihind....

Avinash Junghare, Amravati(Maharastha) on 25-03-2013

i love vijashanthi, she is one of the top lady tiger. she is inspire me in police character.lady police means vijayashanthi (not any body).

M.BABY, hosur(tn) on 23-03-2012

I love u mam..vijayashanthi mam i love u so time i want meet u mam..

chandra, chennai on 24-10-2014

I Love My parents and i love my India and I proud that iam Vijayashanthi madam fan

MUNIBABU, chittoor dist on 21-09-2012

meru anti chala itsham eduk anti me brithday na brithday same day kabati

nagalaxmi, patancheru on 10-01-2013

vijaya shanthi is my one of the best actress still now.I like her film vyjayanthi IPS.I watch that movie more than 50 times.I like her very much.She is my role model

durga, tamilnadu on 20-07-2013

she was soooooooooo great

ram, hyd on 17-04-2012

wish u many more happy returns of the day to vijayashanthi i like mannan kondavettidonga rajasthan and bharatharatna movie very much mam i am the big fan of u i pray the god u will live longlife vaaltha vaayathuillai vanangugiraen

jeganathan, madurai on 24-06-2014

Performance in challange and abhimanue are memorable. In politics i wish u good luck.

K.suryanarayana, Hyderabad on 24-09-2012

Dear vijayashanthi i am a mad fan of you, i wish you all the best to be sucess in politics like how good sucess in films.

srinivas reddy, warangal on 21-06-2012

Hai Mrs. Vijaya shanthi no use of working with KCR for Telangana. first KCR and family ni chepputho totandi. other wise you wont get Telangana.

srinivas, Hyderabad, lives in Mumbai on 18-04-2013

Dear fan of my hi who is your husband send photo .i promised my friend i think still single you thanks and regards yours truly Mallesh

mallesh, hyderabad on 05-08-2013

hai sir iam mallesh jai telangana your madame political carrer is very good please contest once again in medak mp { from mallesh hyderabad ph 9948254897}

K mallesh yadav, hyderbad on 29-06-2013

Hi My dear Vijayashanti garu..... I love you so much ki i cant express.... if you agree i can be with you for my life...... Im 33yrs.... and my contact no is 9676573366.... If you really like my proposal im there for u... Regards Yours every lovely Man Saravanaa

Saravanaa, Hyderabad on 05-09-2012

Ra...Jai telangana..entra...panikocha panicheyandi..ra...State antha..nasinam chesaru..kada..ra...First KCR gadni.vadi..alludu..Harish to kotti..intlo kurcho peditha thappa..vallaku..buddi perguthunnai..kani..normal people chesta..meku..brain..ledu..ra..

PAVAN, Warrangal on 12-09-2011

U r my life time favourite heroine, but I want meet u one time , if u will be agree.. positivly iam waiting for that time...

malleswara reddy.p, badvel,kadapa dt on 19-10-2014


sariprash, india on 26-06-2013

Dear MA Sister, meedi native place warangal kada. warangal lo yekkada?(which village).i have to know you are native place. Thnks & Rgds Ram Yadav 9700077070


Vijayasanthi is grea.t actress.we have ever seen.she is no1 in telugu cinema.lady superstar

Ramganith emmadishetty, on 12-04-2013

ur a greate leader in india

santi anilkumar, student on 10-05-2012

Vijayashanthi is a wonderful heroine she looks very beautiful vijayashanthi looks beautiful and acts well.naturally vijayashanthi looks beautiful.she is very frank and good lady to poor people.

sirisha, on 25-02-2012

thank you madam give me rpl u r fan

skimran, khammam on 19-03-2014

I am a mad fan for you, I like you very much.

sudhakar, chittoor on 19-12-2013

hello mam< how r u?, i want only one flim in vijayanthi IPS Ur services i want my state plz welcome my steate from Tamilnadu. i want u photo copy

suresh, Tamilnadu, dharmapuri, Tamilnadu on 02-06-2014


Sathyam. [THOTA], Dubai [U a e] alqouz on 24-05-2011

vijaya is great actor dynamic political leader.she is my favarite leader.i want tell some problems with give some time sister.

kumar baskuri, warangal on 01-08-2014

Hi madam,ho W r u?i like u r film.

Mrs.vithiyaruban, U.k on 04-01-2013

she is very beautiful

venu, nellore on 02-01-2014

All ur movies very nice..

srinivas, karnataka on 10-10-2014

kcr and his alludu dongalu,1st vaala intlo evaraina telangana kosam sachiora,amaayaka prajalini telangana raastram any free ga official ga samputundru.mana telangana ani talli biddalni verey cheyaku,choostu undu nee kalla mundey nuvvu nee vallunaashanam ithaaru,vijayshanthi gaaru pls veelani nammodhu.

akthar v.s, nalgonda on 25-02-2013

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