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Sindhu menon to get married

The actress who made a head turning performance in the film “Eeram” got engaged recently. Sindhu started acting in films very much since her childhood. She has played lead roles in all southern languages like Ma...

Is Sindhu a B-Grade Film?

Have you seen the poster of the film Sindhu, which upon the first look you would have had, looked like a B-Grade film? Among the well known theaters releasing the film is Anna Theater in Mount Road near Shanti and D...

Controversies force Saami to do a family movie next

Director Saami, right from his first film “Mirugam”, is the center point of controversies. His latest film “Sindhu Samaveli” is just another controversy and the movie is blocked in 30 theaters out of 130 the...

Friday Fever: Used to busy Fridays? Here is a ‘BC’ Friday

Last week, there were two popular releases ‘Madrasapattinam’ and ‘Anandhapurathu Veedu’. This week, it is quite a lackluster week for movie buffs as they are not much interested in thronging the theaters for...

Another Polyandry in Tamil Films – Mittai Poster Controversy

Recently, we reported Sindhu Samaveli as a film that explicitly was about ‘Polyandry’ and ‘Polyamory’. But now, Mittai is also one such film. Mittai’s posters have stirred controversy amidst some of the cu...

Aadhi to Bail Out Sami

Sindhu Samaveli is a disaster. With that, the reputation of Sami has been severely compromised. Finding sex as something that piques the curiosity of everyone, Sami tried to make a fortune. He only had to go down...

Police suspect director Saami is the culprit

Two days back director Saami filed complaints against the persons who broke into his house and destroyed properties. “Sindhu Samaveli”, a controversial movie, is the reason why protestors broke into his house. W...

Breaking News Breaking in Director Sami’s House

Director Sami made the films ‘Mirugam’ and ‘Uyir’ and both the films are highly controversial. Sami, utilizing the controversial air around him, made another film ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ which is about a girl ...
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