Actress Kasthuri

Rasathi Varum Naal
Kadhal 2 Kalyanam
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Latest Movies of Actress Kasthuri

Kadhal 2 Kalyanam
Director: Miland
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Tamil Padam
Director: Amudhan
Music Director: Kannan
Director: Jagan
Music Director: SA. Rajkumar
Indian ( 1996 )
Director: S.Shankar
Music Director: AR. Rahman
Music Director: SA. Rajkumar
Aagaya Pookkal
Director: Deenadayal
Music Director: Deva

Latest News

3 on Auction Bidding, says Kasthuriraja

In a recent function, Dhanush’s father and director Kasthui raja called for bidding of new films to the TV rights. He suggested this to procure more gain for the producers and to avoid clutch over by any particula...

Selvaraghavan & Geethanjali Engaged

Director Selvaraghavan recently divorced Sonia Aggarwal and upon insistence of the same, he has decided to get married again. It was Sonia Aggarwal who told Selvaraghavan to tie the knot. The director has fallen in ...

Actor Dhanush to become Director

Once when Dhanush was asked on a TV program if he would become a director, he expressed his desire to become a director, but was not sure of his abilities as a director. He looked like one having to gain a lot of co...

Arya’s brother Sathya starrer Kaadhal 2 kalyanam shooting resumed

Actor Arya’s brother Sathya aka Shahir was acting in a film called Kaadhal 2 Kalyanam which was his debut film. The film, produced by Mirchi Movies, was stalled for a long time. The film was resumed again recently...
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i like you

guna, pondi on 15-05-2011

kasthuri is very beatyful women in tamil movie. i love kasthuri

sundar, madurai on 30-04-2011

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