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Kulir 100 Degree
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I am in love with u sanjeev

beula, kanyakumari on 07-02-2015

hi sanjeev iam ur very big fan pls reply ur so cute guy i like ur activities...

surya priya, madurai on 26-12-2014

hi.....cute baby....iam big fan illa ungakita pesiruken iam in amn tv cute name surthi

surthi, on 08-07-2014

Hi iam sai sanjeev your a smart boy. i like u so much darling.. and all the best for u sanjeev...and you act more & more movies..and i love your kulir 100 movie..and im u r sweet fan darling....and i love u so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much..and tc.. bey my sweet u...

sai, chennai on 26-06-2014

Success will be surely be yours ,if you have the ability to see success in a particular situation , where everyone else sees failure.

lechu, kerala on 25-10-2013

hi sanjeev, your acting is best , i like your act pls reply

esakki, tutcorin on 22-10-2013

Molten gold turns into ornaments. When copper is beaten and flattened out it turns into bars. And stones are given shapes to make statues out of them.Similarly,the more hardships you face in life ,the more valuable you will become.I am sure ,you will be the best.

lechu, Kerala on 18-10-2013

Smile when you are happy, even when you are in pain. Smile even in disasters, even when someone gives you pain.Because there will be someone who wants to see you smile.HAVE NICE LIFE.

lechu, kerala on 03-10-2013

Hi Sanjeev, Ur looking very smart & Cutttttttteeeeeeeeeeee.....

sathya, chennai on 19-06-2013

im u r great fan sanjeev

dinesh, chennai on 07-06-2013

Only he who gives up is defeated.Everyone else is victorious.So be a winner.All the best

lachu, on 31-05-2013

sanjeei u look like very smaaaaaaaaaaaaart

jansi, chennai on 02-03-2013

u acted in 1 malayalam film knw cn u plz tel the name of tat film

Aathira, Kochi on 21-02-2013

u r look like so beautiful i m big fan of u

sangeetha, HOSUR on 09-02-2013

sanjeev lov ur actng in kulir n im crazy abt the movie lov u so much hope u wud giv many mre successful movies mis uuuuuuuuuu n waitying 4 ur reply

pinky, nilgiris on 15-07-2012

u looking like very a big fan of u.all the best ur next movies.

vijayshree, chennai on 23-06-2012

h sanjeev your very smart very nice very very look man please reply

VENKATESAN, salem on 10-06-2012

ai kutty y no reply me darling........ na ungaloda big big big fan ...... SO U MUST REPLY ME ( S..A..N..J..E..E..V......) PLEASE PLEASE MY DEAR. AM WAITING FOR UR REPLY. NEENG ROMBA ALAG IRUKENGA ................................. MISS U LOT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

kanchanu, banglore on 22-02-2012

ai sweet ur smart , cute , intelligence dear i like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu . sanjeev u rocky ya all the best............

kanchanu, banglore on 21-02-2012

sanjeev u look 2 smart i like u very much u attarct me u so cuteeeeeeeeeee all the best

kanchanu, banglore on 21-02-2012

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, am great fan of u. u r acting good but u shd improve.

steffy, on 16-02-2012

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